Skin Care: The Best Foundation for a Healthy Body

We all want to look great when we go out, and most of the time, we base it on our clothes, our hair and makeup. But many people often forget that the foundation of looking good is healthy skin. But what do people need to make it clear and smooth? Many think it requires the help of expensive aestheticians and expensive meetups at a salon, but the most vital step in maintaining a great appearance is skin care.

How do the stars of Hollywood keep their beauty? Movie stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Beckinsale often hire the best aestheticians to look their best. Many women would do everything they can to look as gorgeous. But the one thing that stands out more than anything else is that many of these Hollywood stars have flawless skin.

But is it the magic of Hollywood that gives them their glow or is it skin care?

 Skin is Our First Protection

The skin is the largest organ in the body. This makes it the first line of defense against infection and disease. The skin bars sunlight, toxic allergens, dust and a host of other dangerous matter. But even though it does offer protection, it can be sensitive as well. Many people have a lot of misconceptions on protecting skin, the result of which are so many untrue skin myths. But is there a right way to improve our body’s first line of defense?

 Taking Care of Your Skin

Beauty treatmentWhen you take care of your skin, you make it stronger. By the same token, when you neglect it, your skin weakens, making it prone to injury, rashes and infection. When these start to happen, a visit to a clinic focused on dermatological care is the best way to handle it. While you can always do home care, getting an expert to assess the problem prevents it from getting worse.

An essential way to protect your skin is to wear appropriate clothing. Extreme heat and cold could hurt skin. Cold air can tighten your skin, closing its pores and limiting blood circulation. It would be best if you kept warm with layered clothing, especially the extremities, such as hands, feet and even ears and nose.

Moreover, when you go to the gym to workout, you can get skin infections if you’re not careful. This could include ringworm and warts, to name a few. Again, you need to protect your skin in such an environment. Wearing apt clothing is a good start.

The same holds true when you go to a pool for a swim. The place may look inviting, but the sun and even bacteria can affect your skin. Apply sunscreen and make sure to shower after your pool dip. There’s a long list of infections that could creep up if you neglect to protect your skin.

Live Right

An active lifestyle can benefit your skin a lot. Working out can promote better blood circulation. It can give much-needed oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Of course, you need to shield your skin from direct harm. A prime example is the heat of the sun. Too much heat can dry your skin and hasten aging.

You need to drink enough water every day. Water keeps your skin soft and smooth. Eating vegetables and fruits could also help skin look young and soft. Eat food with a lot of Vitamin E, such as green leafy vegetables, nuts and even vegetable oil. Vitamin E helps keep skin strong and soft, and at the same time, protect brain cells.

Smoking and drinking alcohol can hasten aging, as both activities tend to dry up the skin and make anyone look older. If you cannot stop drinking or smoking, make sure to do these in moderation. Drinking a sip of wine may be good for your health, but too much can damage not only your skin but your other organs.

Activities such as yoga, pilates, running, aerobics, and even strength training also keep skin supple and strong. If you are trying to lose weight, you could use stretching exercises to tighten loose skin. In cases where extreme and quick weight loss occurs, this might not help much. But a visit to a plastic surgeon could help in removing the loose skin.

It may sound like a tall order. But keeping your skin healthy is the foundation for looking youthful and vibrant. Do these things for your skin, and it’s a sure thing that your general health will also improve. If you put skincare as the foundation of your beauty regimen, you’ll be sure to make heads turn the next time you step out.

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