What Women Want: Things Men Should Do to Become More Desirable

They say that if you really want to meet women, you have to be yourself. However, is that really enough? Will wearing your regular shirt and jeans combo help you find a long-term relationship?

There is nothing wrong with doing little modifications that will make you more approachable and attractive to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, no one formula will work for all men, but if you are looking for where to start, here are the tips and tricks that, according to studies, can help you score a date.

It’s Easier to Smile than Frown

You probably have heard several variations of the saying it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Although the exact number of muscles used to frown and smile has been disputed repeatedly, the message is the same: do not frown; smile.

There are benefits to smiling. Studies have proven that smiling alone can lift your mood even when you are having a bad day. It makes a positive first impression, especially in a social situation.

It also makes you more attractive to women. One research found that women perceive men who smile as trustworthy and, therefore, would likely be good spouses and fathers to their future offspring. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, one that will end in marriage, then you would have better chances of finding “the one” if you smile.

However, you might want to invest in a men’s tooth-whitening kit. Another survey suggested that people perceive yellow teeth as unattractive.

It’s in Your Jeans

You might not need to buy a tailored suit to impress your date. One survey found that women prefer men who dress in casual clothing.

Esquire asked female staffers from some of the most popular magazines globally, including Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, to see what fashionable women would like to see their men wear. The results were surprising.

About 80% of respondents said that they appreciate a man in blue denim jeans. For comparison, only 9.7% said they want to see men wearing suit pants. Around 67.7% said that the sexiest outfit that a man can wear is a combination of rugged jeans and a white t-shirt versus a tuxedo, which only received 22.6% of the votes.

Clearly, casual clothing, particularly a pair of jeans, make a man desirable to women. However, what type of jeans you wear matters. Many men make the mistake of buying an ill-fitting pair. Jeans that are too big and too short might turn away a potential romantic partner.

Invest in a good pair of Levi’s or Calvin Kleins. More importantly, ask the store attendant for advice on fit.

person having haircut

That 5 O’Clock Shadow

Women find facial hair attractive, but do not start growing a full beard a la Gimli from The Lord of the Rings. A 2017 research found that women prefer a heavy stubble compared to clean-shaven and full-beard.

The researchers explained that facial hair is often linked to maturity and masculinity. It also has to do with perceived fertility. Beard signals sexual maturity and readiness for fatherhood.

However, you want to keep your beard neat. The stubble from 10 days of no shaving is the best length, according to the research. Having a full beard, a light stubble, and being clean-shaven are all less attractive. ;

Survival of the Strongest

It is no secret that women are attracted to muscular men. One study involving 160 women, all of whom were shown photos of shirtless men, has proven that muscularity matters. According to researchers, all respondents chose muscular men as the most desirable.

It is not purely because of appearance. Women chose muscular men because of their perceived strength. When a man works out, they most likely have better health than those who do not exercise. A physically active man also probably has the ability to give them their needs. In short, women see them as a protector and provider to their future family.

However, you do not have to have the physique of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Another study found that a trim body with a moderate amount of muscles is rated as the most attractive by female respondents. The less muscular men were found to be more desirable for women who are looking for a long-term relationship.

These changes would help you find a mate, but you need one more ingredient to guarantee that you meet and attract the opposite sex: confidence. If you cannot be confident, no amount of dressing up or growing a beard will make you desirable to the opposite sex. If you want people to see how amazing you are, you have to believe that you are amazing.

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