Reasons LinkedIn Should Be the Focus of Your Social Media Marketing

ASince the dawn of digital technology, people have been spending a lot of time on the internet as if their entire lives depend on it. The COVID-19 pandemic further amplified this phenomenon, where businesses closed down and people had to stay in their homes. With nowhere to go but indoors, people depend on the internet to work, study, socialize, and buy goods. In turn, this opened opportunities for businesses to leverage their marketing tactics and work on the trust signals of their websites.

In this age where people consume more digital content, brands depend on digital marketing strategies to reach their target audience. These include social media platforms that have proven their power in helping businesses boost their online sales. They are also the best places for content creators, commercial brands, B2B professionals, and even job seekers.

Among the top social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn is becoming the top social networking website of choice among professionals and businesses. LinkedIn is already a well-known platform before 2020, but the surge of remote work during the pandemic has fueled user activity. As a result, several brands are taking advantage of this opportunity to leverage the power of this professional network.

With that in mind, we’ll talk about the reasons why you should focus your marketing initiatives over other social media platforms.


LinkedIn is a trusted social networking site

Many social media users will agree that LinkedIn has a relatively secure platform when it comes to protecting data and privacy.

Take a look at your LinkedIn feed, and you will not find any trace of politically heated interactions or toxic comments. If there’s one, you can easily remove the content and the involved person by unfollowing them.

LinkedIn is also known for its uplifting stories and inspirational messages from people coming from different industries and professional backgrounds. You won’t surely find trolls who keep spreading negativity and picking fights, unlike in Twitter and Facebook.

With all the crises and the negative things around us, many people prefer to surround themselves with positive, smart, and genuine people. That is why users are moving towards LinkedIn to interact with other users who want to make a positive impact.

LinkedIn is a perfect platform to build a personal brand

Ever notice why only a small number of people are actively posting on LinkedIn weekly? It’s strange how LinkedIn usage is increasing, but few people are posting consistently. This means a bigger opportunity to build your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader.

People are always looking for valuable and relevant content, especially on LinkedIn. They want to see more of them, but only a few are posting. So take this opportunity to give what people want!

Just like a website, a LinkedIn company profile is the home base of your brand. It is where you build your engagement, content, and relationship-building activities to attract more visitors to your profile. Digital tools are available to optimize your profile to increase its visibility.

LinkedIn has a sales prospecting tool

Here’s a fact. Social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram were never meant for business use first. On the other hand, LinkedIn started with a business-first model and sales prospecting tool.

The Sales Navigator is among LinkedIn’s greatest assets. It is a sales platform where you can find and establish relationships with targeted connections.

B2B marketing is also possible with LinkedIn because of its ability to break down your audience into precise groups using a variety of filters. For instance, you can use a combination of attributes to target a particular group of users. Depending on location, age, degrees, job title, interests, years of experience, and company industry, you can segment users.

LinkedIn also offers options to focus on which contacts or companies you wish to build a relationship with. You simply break down the list of contacts you want to target your LinkedIn ad using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, then generate a target list on LinkedIn. In this case, you simply produce a campaign within LinkedIn and associate the targeted lists with your target audience.

In an increasingly competitive market, LinkedIn serves as an incredibly efficient tool to market your products and services. Whatever industry you’re in, LinkedIn provides a solid online presence and powerful platform to strengthen your network and reach your target consumers. Now you’re aware of what LinkedIn can do for your business, make sure to stay updated on the best marketing strategies to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

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