Nobody Wakes Up The Same Way And Neither Should You

We know that numerous people swear by their morning routines to get by their daily responsibilities, and we are by no means saying that it’s impossible to be productive and get more work done with a consistent morning schedule. You see, if it works for you, then all the more power to you for finding a solution that fits your lifestyle and empowers you to become the best version of yourself.

However, let’s not get carried away thinking those morning routines are cookie-cutter solutions that will work for everybody because we are all unique, meaning that one person’s morning could look a million times different than the next person. So, before you preach about 5-minute cold showers, chowing down on some oatmeal, or spending 30 minutes for meditation the second you get out of bed, it’s time we realize that being different is part of life and that goes for everybody’s mornings as well.

#1 Everybody Operates On Unique Body Clocks

Firstly, one of the most significant reasons behind strict morning routines not working out for most people is the fact that everyone’s operating on a unique body clock, so our peak productive hours and sleeplessness don’t match up quite right. It’s like forcing a bat to fly out from its cave and start hunting for the day when this animal is nocturnal and can’t cope with being active under the sun. So, take a rain check on whether you struggle with afternoon slumps, feel more productive past midnight, or never fail to wake up at 5:00 AM.

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  • Some People Get More Work Done Late At Night: We all have different jobs, and whether you’re running the standard nine-to-five work setting, managing a business startup, or working during the graveyard shift, it’s clear as day that we feel most productive at different hours. Therefore, telling someone to finish their more complicated projects before the afternoon is futile if they work better at night when the creative juices start flowing.
  • Not Everyone’s Too Keen On Using Power Naps: Apart from varying work hours, people give too much credit to power naps when they’re not a solution for everybody. Some people naturally have trouble falling asleep mid-day, and others struggle with keeping their timers in check and run the risk of overlapping. Plus, there’s also the off-chance that they can’t relax through napping at all and prefer listening to the latest albums instead.

#2 You Can’t Expect People To Share The Same Priorities

Secondly, even if your body clocks line up by some miracle, the next reason why strict morning routines crash and burn is that people don’t share the same priorities in life. For example, it would be unfair to compare a new mom to a blooming college student because their financial situations and needs vastly differ. As a result, what may work for the mom won’t jive as well with a college student that doesn’t exactly have a baby to look after.

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  • Me-Time Isn’t Always A Chance For Mindfulness: Most morning routine videos will advocate for me-time, specifically allocating some part of your morning for meditation and mindfulness to calm the soul. However, regardless of how good that may sound on paper, everyone’s me-time looks different, and you can’t expect all the people in the world to enjoy the process of meditation. Therefore, we run into another caveat of what others are meant to do in the event that a particular morning routine doesn’t match with their priorities.
  • Relaxation Can Take On Different Forms: Besides the mindfulness aspect of me-time, people just appease and enjoy themselves through different forms of relaxation. So, what essentially works for you right now isn’t necessarily a relaxing activity for the next person. For example, you might find playing basketball relaxing, but others might see relaxation as self-care wherein they eat outside or pay a visit to the dentist.

#3 There’s Always The Risk Of Your Day Starting Sideways

Last but not least, every single day we spend in this world won’t always start the same way, and when the risk of starting sideways and all over the place happens, a strict morning routine can’t do anything to help. And given the nature of daily life, it’s only normal for compromises and sacrifices to be made, so don’t place all your eggs into the basket of morning routines.

  • Flexibility Over Consistency Becomes Important: Some mornings just refuse to cooperate, and if you’re stubborn with your morning routine, then you might end up with more problems on your plate than you bargained for. Of course, you could crunch extra hours at the end of the day to make ends meet, but sometimes you will have to give up sculpting and lifting your butt when you’re overloaded with other priorities and many others.

Don’t Let These Videos Guilt-Trip You Into Thinking You’re Doing Something Wrong!

Overall, don’t let these endless streams of morning routines convince you to think that your morning schedule is wrong when it’s perfectly normal the way it is right now. Everybody goes through their mornings differently, so there’s no reason to copy and follow what somebody else does to a fault.

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