How to Take Amazing Studio Portraits

Camera lensesPictures can truly say a thousand words and for many people, it is a great way to preserve memories. These days, though, people tend to use their smartphones instead of a real and professional camera when taking photos. Sure, this might be okay for everyday instances, but for times wherein you want to have your photos professionally taken, then go to a photo studio instead.

Here, Jaylynn Studios and other experts discuss a couple of tips to make your studio portraits turn out amazing.

Come to the Shoot Early

Schedule a specific time with your photographer and make sure to arrive earlier than your agreed time. It is unprofessional, not to mention a huge hassle to the photographer if you do not show up on time. They most likely have other clients aside from you, which means that you would have to show up to the studio early, so you won’t mess up their schedule.

It will also be a huge plus for you, as coming into the studio late will force you and the photographer to hurry and finish the shoot right away, which can result to a disaster and unpretty photos.

Work with the Photographer

Photographers on a photoshootAsk the photographer if your poses are okay and if they have suggestions on where you should place your hands or position your feet. These photographers know the best angles when it comes to portrait shoots, so you can definitely trust them. You can also ask them about the lighting so you would know what direction to face.

Communication is key to a successful shoot, so talk to your photographer before and during the shoot.

Do Your Research

Do your research beforehand and make sure to look for poses and tips that can make you look your best during the photo shoot. Read articles and watch videos online to see what you should do and where you should face to make sure your shots will be all worth it.

You will be paying a handful of money for this, so you should do everything to see to it that your photos will be amazing.

Come to the Shoot Prepared

Do your makeup before coming to the shoot, so you can make sure that everything will be fine and ready during the shoot itself. If you will be doing your own makeup, then you should do it at home before leaving for the shoot. If you are planning to get a makeup artist to do the makeup for you, then ask them to come early, so you won’t be late for your appointment.

Preparing your wardrobe a day before is a must, too. If you are planning to do a few wardrobe changes, then make sure that everything will mix and match properly.

It is always a good idea to talk to your photographer and ask them for tips and tricks regarding the shoot. Besides, they have been doing this for years now, so they most likely have seen it all. Good luck and enjoy your shoot!

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