Choosing Adhesive Strips for Taping Wall Decorations

Construction workers fixing the wall

Home décor has numerous options with which you can approach it. One of these techniques with which you can enhance your home’s interior décor is using wall decorations. And, while some of the decorations require firm fixing with nails and screws, most will do with simply taping them up. Moreover, if you are planning for a party or seasonal festivity, you do not need those hammer-and-drill décor projects. Since you are putting up lightweight decorations, using adhesive strips is just but more than enough.

That’s a sigh of relief right there. But wait, not every adhesive tape out there will do. It is advisable that you critically evaluate whether it will meet your requirements for easy and quick application and removal. Besides, the taping should take less time than conventional adhesive materials to stick. Most importantly, if you are putting up temporary decoration, you might want to consider an adhesive strip that does not pull up wallpapers or wall paint.

So, here is to you finding the most appropriate home décor adhesive tape.

Note Your Wall Type

Wall painting

It is easy for you to conclude that it is the tape you chose that lifted off paint from your walls. Sometimes, it is the quality of the paint and the paint application process that is to blame. If the paint did not have the right base, it would not adhere well to the wall. And, so will it be easy and quick to peel off. The paint’s staying power is also low if you use the paint directly on a bare paneling or drywall without first applying several coats of paint primer. The same happens when you paint on dusty surfaces. Similar instances apply when using wallpapers. So, even before you blame it on the adhesive tape, ensure the paint or wallpaper adheres perfectly to the wall.

Choose Your Tape

Double-sides tapes are the best adhesive tapes for lightweight decorations. That is irrespective of whether you are joining the decorations or sticking them on walls and ceilings. But also, be keen to confirm the weight specifications that the manufacturer highlights in the user’s manual. With that, you will determine whether to choose a different brand, size or type of adhesive for the decorations. Also, note the surfaces that they recommend you use the tape. Typically, the best surfaces for most tapes are vinyl wallpaper, primed or painted walls, and glass, wood, and tiles. Two of the most common of these tapes are poster tape and painter’s tape.

You probably have looked up on online stores the best adhesive strips for home decorations. You came across numerous types that promise to be fast-sticking and long-lasting, and that is pretty good. But, how well they will not compromise the quality of your walls or wallpaper is a critical factor to check, too. Altogether, ensure you get a quality product at a competitive price. Check the manufacturer, brand, and supplier of the adhesive tapes that you plan to purchase. A high number of positive reviews is a green light for a product and services that meet customer’s needs. You never go wrong with that. So, take your time, do your research well.

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