Why Customized Jewelry are Great Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Jewelry box with necklacesThere are various gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or just about any special occasion for couples. Ideas and suggestions range from sweets, flowers, teddy bears, and cheesy greeting cards to pricey items, such as luxury watches and jewelry. While it is true that women love receiving jewelry during special occasions, they do prefer pieces with a personal touch.

In Utah, customers can have custom jewelry crafted for them, not just on Valentine’s but at any time of the year. The personalized design gives the customer a hand in the actual design process. Some good examples are monogrammed cuffs, pendants, or rings and matching sets made with the person’s birthstones.

Advantages of Customizing Jewelry

One advantage of customizing jewelry is that customers have a say in the size or shape of gemstones to put in a ring or earrings. There are also other gems that look beautiful in a set, such as ruby, sapphire, and emerald. If a customer knows the birthstone of their loved one, this can be incorporated into the design. Customers can also complete their design according to the budget they have. This could mean choosing from a less expensive setting like 14K or 18K gold instead of platinum.

More importantly, because of the giver’s part in the designing and crafting process, the gift becomes a treasured and sentimental piece.

How Can We Customize Jewelry?

The process starts at selecting the kind of jewelry to personalize. You can choose from rings, earrings, bracelets, necklace and pendants, and anklets. There are varying lengths for bracelets or necklaces as well as bandwidth for rings. Additionally, there are other things to consider, such as the type of closure, adjustability, and many more.

Earrings can be made as studs, hoops, or dangling, depending on the design the receiver likes. Customers also get to choose what type of stones and gems to use. They may decide on the cut, color, shape, and price. For those who do not have any idea on how to design jewelry, they can find inspiration online or ask jewelers to assist them by showing some templates or molds to choose from.

Where Can We Personalize Jewelry?

Woman holding her necklaceThe first place to go when thinking about personalizing jewelry is the local jewelry store. They offer customization projects and allow customers to have a hand in designing various pieces of jewelry.

There are even stores with “customized jewelry” sections, so customers can mix and match various designs, styles, or a combination of gemstones for their desired piece or set. Customers will be presented with sample designs, possible tweaks, and changes to provide a draft image of what the customized jewelry will look like.

If your local jewelry store does not have this kind of service, you may check online jewelry shops that specialize in personalized jewelry. Some websites have simulators that allow users to create their own jewelry by choosing from various settings, styles, and stones.

Jewelry is considered a personal item, and it reflects the style and personality of the individual wearing it. If you’re planning to gift someone with a piece of jewelry, put some more care and thought into it. Look for something that they will identify with instead of opting for a big, shiny bling. Custom made pieces will still give you bonus points at the end of the day.

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