Ways to Detect and Prevent Heart Disease

Heart diseases are easily among the top causes of death and one of the most preventable given early detection and proper care.

One way of detecting the early onset of heart illnesses is a private MRI scan, which is available in many UK diagnostic clinics. MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a non-invasive way of peering inside of your body to check for illnesses or damages caused by a disease or accident.

In the case of a heart MRI, it can detect potential heart diseases like heart enlargement so that proper preventive measures can be applied. This can be a life-saving diagnostic procedure that you should try.

These are the other means to detect and avoid potentially fatal heart disease:

Undergo heart tests

The first step to preventing any heart ailment is early detection, which can be achieved through specific heart tests.

One such test is the treadmill stress test, in which you will be asked to walk on it while an electrocardiograph machine is attached to you. This will allow the doctor to accurately measure your blood pressure and your heart’s electrical impulses.

If you can’t physically do such a test, the doctor can give you a drug that will simulate the effects of exercising to achieve similar results like that of the treadmill.

This way, your doctor can determine whether or not your heart is functioning well or if there’s enough reason to conclude that you have heart disease or a high chance of developing one.

Make some lifestyle changes

There are a lot of cases wherein the root cause of heart disease is the individual’s lifestyle: overeating salty food, drinking alcohol too often, smoking packs of cigarettes daily, stressing over a lot of things, and other activities that take their toll on the heart.

By changing your lifestyle, you can do your heart a favor, since you’ll avoid the things that make it work harder than it should.

Exercise regularly

If you hardly walk, run, swim, or do physical activities, you run the risk of having a heart disease.

Like your muscles, the heart should also be kept active through regular exercises, such as brisk walking, swimming, running, and similar physical activities. You can also do aerobics and Zumba with your family and friends to make the experience more enjoyable.

Monitor your blood pressure

Over time, our blood pressure can go higher as we age, no matter how hard we try to live a healthy lifestyle. In such a case, we can do the next best thing: control our blood pressure.

We can do so by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and consulting doctors. If you have medication to control your blood pressure, be sure to take it daily and never skip a dose.

Remember that uncontrolled blood pressure can be such a traitor and strike any time, so we have to do everything to keep our blood pressure under control.

Keep your weight down

Woman measuring waist line

Obesity is one cause of hypertension, and being hypertensive can lead to a heart attack, which can be fatal. It’s essential for people to keep their weight down to help the heart perform normally. A healthy diet, smoking cessation, and regular physical activities are just some of the ways to fight obesity.

Just keep these things in mind, and you’ll be on your way to preventing heart diseases.

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