Wardrobe Maintenance: How to Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh and New

Like anything else, clothes experience wear and tear. The fabric used as their main material might end up degrading as time passes, especially if you don’t care for them properly. Keep your clothes looking fresh and new with these simple fabric care tips:

Proper Washing

  • Read the label. Make it a habit to read tags and labels on your clothes. They usually contain instructions on proper washing and drying.
  • Use cold water. Unless the label indicates that an article of clothing is to be washed with hot water, always use cold water for laundering. Hot water tends to damage fiber over time.
  • Color-code them. Like-color clothes should always go together when you do your laundry. Don’t mix them up and risk discoloration.
  • Before washing, turn clothes inside-out. Clothes that have prints, patches, and other embellishments can get damaged with all the friction that takes place in a washing machine. It is recommended to turn them inside-out to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Handwash delicate underwear like lingerie and bras. Handwashing them instead of throwing them all in the washing machine can deform them. Another option is to put them in a mesh bag before throwing them in with the others.

Proper Drying

  • Read the label. Again. Prevent clothes from shrinking. Always read the label.
  • Hang them out to dry whenever possible. This not only helps you conserve energy but it also helps keep the fibers in your clothes tight and sturdy.
  • Make sure your clothes are completely dry before putting them in the closet. Hanging wet or damp clothes in your closet causes mildew to build up.

Proper Storage

Organize your closet space. Organize your clothes well. Avoid stuffing your closet to the full. A stuffed closet doesn’t allow garments and fabrics to breathe and it increases the chances of clothes getting wrinkled in storage.

Get good-quality hangers. Wire and plastic hangers tend to stretch and damage fabrics. It is best to use padded or wooden hangers.

Avoid using plastic for clothing storage. When storing clothes away, especially seasonal clothes, it is recommended not to use plastic as the material traps moisture. Instead, get a garment bag that lets fabrics breathe.

Proper Overall Maintenance

folded clothes stored in a cabinet

Mend your clothes as soon as it is needed. Immediately repair clothes when the need arises. Don’t wait for things to get worse. Tighten those loose buttons, get rid of loose threads, do whatever is needed. Doing so extends your clothes’ lifespan and helps keep it looking new.

Dry clean items that need to be dry cleaned. If an item requires dry cleaning, bring them to the nearest laundry shop in Normal or Bloomington where dry cleaners can get the job done.

It is better to use a clothing brush. Instead of using disposable lint rollers that only clean the surface, get a clothing brush to give your garments a deeper clean.

Observe proper stain removal methods. Stain removal is tricky as there are several ways to get rid of different types of stains. You need to know which one to use to not make things worse for your clothes.

Wrinkle removal. A steam iron is still the best item to use for a clean and crisp finish. Alternatively, if you’re running short on time, a hand-held steamer will do.

Proper care for clothes will keep them looking fresh and new and make them last for a long time.

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