5 Mistakes Brides Usually Make Before Their Wedding Day

Sometimes, your big excitement about your wedding day leads to more mistakes. Being overwhelmed with happiness can cloud your mind and disarrange your thoughts, so you possibly miss important details or don’t plan out your budget. The pretty aspects of planning such as choosing a dress, theme, and wedding cake may distract you as well because it’s easy to get swept up in their glamour.

Organization is important when planning a wedding. Before everything else, you must accomplish a budget plan so that deciding on a venue and vendors would be easier. It would also be wise to make a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

That said, let’s get into detail on the top mistakes brides should avoid before their wedding day.

#5. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner

Even if you’re fully capable of planning your wedding, have you thought of what you will do on the day of your wedding itself? What about a few weeks prior? Unanticipated trouble usually happens weeks before a wedding, and surely, you don’t want to make last-minute arrangements because you’re supposed to be relaxed already. If your budget is tight that a full-service wedding planner is out of your option, then consider hiring an experienced wedding coordinator, instead.

They’d be at your service roughly six weeks before your big day, and you can count on them entirely during the ceremony and reception. With them, you no longer have to rely on your friends or family to run the event. Just make sure to ask the right questions before hiring a wedding coordinator or planner.

#4. Spilling the Beans About Your Engagement Too Soon

It’s easy to understand why you’d immediately spill the beans — or the tea, in popular language — on social media after you got the proposal. However, it’s advisable to tell the exciting news to your closest friends and family personally or through a call before divulging it on social media. If you have a best friend who just got engaged, you’d surely want to be one of the first to know about it, too.

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#3. Choosing a Wedding Dress Before a Venue

Wedding planners recommend finalizing a venue before shopping for a dress. This is to avoid the mistake of wearing something that doesn’t match your venue. For example, if you buy a simple dress thinking that you need to spend more on a venue, you could end up looking awkward and out-of-place in a grand and upscale wedding hall.

#2. Not Giving Consideration to Your Guests

If you choose to have a destination wedding, make sure you have arranged accommodations for your guests as well. You don’t have to pay for each of their lodgings and travel fares, but you should at least provide them with comfortable transportation to and from and the ceremony and reception venues.

#1. You Focus on the Trend Rather Than Your Own Wishes

As you decide on a theme, try to avoid picking pegs from Pinterest, but rather, pause and think of what you truly want without any distractions. Ask yourself questions — what are you and your fiance’s interests? Do you really need a wedding theme at all?

Knowing what you want also helps you plan your budget easier. Identify and weigh your priorities as well so that you can accomplish the rest without being uncertain if it fits your budget and taste.

By knowing these mistakes and avoiding them, you pre-wedding tasks will be more fuss-free and you can spend the last few weeks before the big day relaxing. Leave the difficult part to the pros and focus on taking care of yourself.

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