Is it Okay to Let Your Pet Sleep with You?

A lot of fur parents treat their pets not as pets but more as family members. They are lucky, especially those who have been adopted or rescued from unacceptable living conditions. All animals deserve to live their lives with dignity and utmost comfort.

If you have pets at home, you also have to consider their domestic needs. Whether you are planning to buy bedroom furniture online or home décor, you should think about your pets as well. They have shorter lives than their human owners, which is why they only deserve all the best in the world.

Should they sleep with you on your own bed?

It can be hard to decide where your pet should sleep. For one, some homeowners buy beds for their pets. These can be located near the kitchen, the hallway, or even inside the bedroom. On the other hand, some like snuggling and sleeping with them.

There is nothing wrong with whether you choose to buy a bed or let your pet sleep on your own bed. What is more important is that your pet will feel comfortable and warm, especially during bedtime. While some people are not welcome to the idea of letting their pet sleep with them, research reveals that allowing a pet to sleep with you during the night can be beneficial for both of you.

In one study published in the journal “Human Nature,” the researchers compared sleeping with pets to co-sleeping with a child. It shows that sleeping with pets is not a modern trend but something that was being practiced in many cultures. For example, our ancestors most likely slept with their pets for protection against wild animals and intruders and warmth from the cold nights.

Nowadays, a lot of pet owners welcome their furry babies on their beds. Pets are natural stress-relievers, adorable, soft, warm, calming, and did we say cute? Your pets will also love cuddling and spending time with you. However, there may be some downsides to letting your pets on your bed — at least for some people.

Downsides of co-sleeping with pets

Family with their dog in new home concept

As much as you want to have a real-life “stuffed toy” snuggled next to you, not everyone can enjoy those kinds of moments. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to pet dander, so they have to let their pets sleep on their own pet beds. You might also not have a good night’s sleep because they tend to be fidgety and loud snoring (especially those that are brachycephalic like English Bulldogs or Boxers).

Your pet might also shed fur on your bedsheets, which can then trigger allergies to those who suffer from it. Interestingly, some couples quarrel over their pets, ruining their time together in bed. That might happen if one of the pair is not a pet person.

It’s all about personal preference. You may or may not sleep with your furry friend(s). You can provide their own pet bed and let them sleep in your room or any area inside the house. What should matter most is that they are comfortable and are being treated well by their fur parents.

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