If You Hate Your New Haircut, Here’s How You Cope Until the Next One

The first few days after getting a new haircut are the most hectic. If it turns out bad – maybe they cut off an extra few inches more than you would have wanted – then you want to grow it out as soon as possible. If it turns out looking great, then you want to do everything you can to maintain your gorgeous look. Either way, the process is excruciating.

Using luxury haircare products keeps your hair’s flair no matter the style, length, or texture. However, that’s just the crucial first step. How you preserve healthy, good-looking hair after a haircut is what will make or break your look until the next one. Here’s how you do that.

Request the ideal regimen

You can do the simplest and perhaps best hair maintenance tip even before stepping out of the salon or barber: talk to your stylist. Instead of gossiping or sitting silently, you can use the time to ask about the best kind of products to use for your hair type.

Ask how they achieve your natural look. If you feel like trying on a new one, ask how you can achieve it at home. Observe their technique. Ask about the sequence with which to use the best products, and how often you should use them.

Play with your products

Given your shorter haircut, more attention will have to pay to the roots than anything else.

Before stepping into the shower, remember to not overwash your hair. Let the style set in, especially when your hair pattern is loose. You can wait until the next day before washing your hair under lukewarm water.

If the haircut turned out bad, you can opt for a volumizing shampoo so that it grows fuller quickly. If you just got it colored, you should get products that are pH-balanced so that it doesn’t fade too fast.

Harsh Sun

Go back to basics

Now, to the nitty-gritty of hair maintenance.

You have to know the ideal frame for your face, either from experience or through your stylist. Aiming for a long, round, or square look will depend on your face’s dimension.

Don’t try too hard to recreate your hairdresser’s style. If it means using curlers, straighteners, or hair dryers excessively and uncontrollably, then forget it. Let it flow naturally to set a base look, and work from there.

Just keep your essential products intact: your conditioner, a sunscreen spray, and a serum to keep it looking lustrous.

Live healthily

Don’t underestimate the benefits of a well-balanced lifestyle for your hair!

Get your dose of vitamin D and vitamin B3, to keep your hair growing healthy and shiny. Meet your minimum daily intake of protein and minerals, as well as Omega-3 from lean seafood.

Then, get those blood pumping. Work out regularly, or take a trip to the massage parlor and give your scalp a rubdown. This keeps your blood circulation in peak condition to stimulate hair growth.

Lastly, avoid stress. This can lead to hair loss as anxiety and stress stunt hair growth. This can also cause your locks to lose their tone.

Trust the process

Unless you have an important event that needs a specific look, let your hair grow out naturally. Don’t try to “fix” it by going to your stylist too soon and requesting a trim. You should only do this to treat split ends. Otherwise, letting it grow as usual will give you more room for correction to achieve the look you want.

Do your best to improve your skin regimen after every haircut. Reduce damage, and don’t be afraid to play around with new looks to give your hair some personality!

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