Trendy Garden Ideas That Requires Little to No Maintenance

Are you tired of your lawn? Perhaps it’s not because you don’t like it, but because you’re too unbothered to perform maintenance for it. As a matter of fact, some homeowners prefer less lawn. People who are too busy and don’t like gardening that much look into a low-maintenance garden or an outdoor living. Even so, every yard requires certain levels of upkeep.

The less lawn, the better. Maintaining a lawn can be labor-intensive and costly. If you lessen the grass, not only do you reduce your cost, but you’re saving water as well. The less maintenance your lawn requires, also the less it requires water.

Start Container or Vertical Gardening

These are different ways of gardening that are way lower maintenance than an actual traditional garden. It takes up small spaces and, more importantly, avoids erosion, and requires less water. Since your spaces are limited, you can only plant the ones you need and often consume, such as herbs and vegetables, as well as flowers, if you’d like.

You can be more creative with this. Hang your plant containers or let them grow as vines along your fences or trellis if you have one. You might want to build a plant wall, which can be a privacy wall as well. There are other creative ways to create a vertical garden. The best thing you can do is pour a lot of effort into it and match it with your personal taste and preference. You will be happier that way.

Build an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can create it as simple as you want it to be, especially if you’re on a budget. Have your lawn hardscaped if you really want to get rid of the lawn as much as possible. Another option is building a deck or a patio. This type of area in your home can be multipurpose, wherein you entertain guests or have a relaxing time. You can even make it a workspace if you’d consider the choice.

If you have a wider budget, you can have a swimming pool built and a hardscape around it. You can also add a seating area where you can have your afternoon coffee or your nighttime cocktail. With outdoor living, you might also want your fences involved and have a set built around it for more privacy. Have them matched with your fence and gate to make them look more aesthetic and associated with your style.

Consider Xeriscaping

This is for homeowners who still want a garden yet prefer it low-maintenance and doesn’t require too much water. It requires more thorough landscape planning though. With xeriscaping, you can reduce the possibility of erosion and eliminate irrigation. It’s better for tropical areas, which are always in drought, but it can be done in wetter areas as well. To do this accurately, choose plants that can best tolerate the weather climate.

Add a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are another option if you live in a location where drought is ought to happen all the time. Then again, it can be built in less dry areas. The rocks basically serve as decors that don’t need visual appeal like plants. Therefore, it definitely needs very little care.

However, a rock garden requires specific planning as well and you have to choose the right kind of plants to go along with the rocks. Proper placement of the rocks should also be considered because one can hinder a plant from growing properly.

Replace Real Grass with Grass Alternatives


Real grass can be difficult to maintain, especially if you’re always busy and don’t want to be bothered for gardening or lawn maintenance during your free time. You have two choices. Either you replace your grass with a different type, one that’s more tolerant of the climate, or go for a grass alternative. This is another option for desert areas aside from xeriscaping.

But if you still want your lawn to look as green as real grass, an artificial turn might be your solution. It’s a very low-maintenance lawn substitute, which doesn’t require water. No weeds will grow, no need for fertilizer or mowing.

With grass alternatives, you can just make your lawn very simple. You can build a part hardscape or an area of stones and gravel. With no extra plants or vegetables, this can definitely be less than low-maintenance.

As a homeowner, you want to make the best of your outdoor area because not everyone to have a space as such. If you have one, it requires more maintenance and responsibility so you should expect that before getting a house with one.

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