Supporting a Friend Turned Stressed-Out, First-Time Parent

Becoming a first-time parent can be an exciting journey that will provide more meaning and purpose in your life. If you have kids, you know the feeling of accomplishment when raising a child into a well-mannered and educated person. However, you cannot deny how stressful and harrowing the journey can be, especially when taking on the financial and parental responsibilities while still focusing on work and home duties.

The journey can drain the life out of you before it gets better, but you will come out of it as a more resilient and experienced adult who can take on every challenge on your way. With that said, you will have a lot of support during the process to make your life easier. If you notice that one of your friends is struggling as a first-time parent, it is time to offer a helping hand.

Here are some ways to help someone out with their parenting experience:

Give Small Gifts

Most first-time parents feel excited to spread the word about their pregnancy or their childbirth. Still, they are already aware of their responsibilities to commit themselves to the life-changing event. They will be responsible for raising the kid for at least the next 18 years, and they might only have nine months to prepare for it. One of their most difficult challenges involves finances. Given the short time they have, first-time parents might need assistance from everyone they can get.

Every contribution will be significant, which is why your first step for support has to be providing small gifts. You can start with simple but beautiful baby gifts like diapers or toys. If you have more in your budget, you can visit an infant clothing store. First-time parents will also appreciate cash as gifts to help them buy the child’s specific needs. You will find that your support will help lessen the burden that stressed-out, first-time parents will accept in their lives.

Share Pieces of Advice

First-time parents are aware that they have to learn a lot of things throughout the experience. In the nine-month preparation, they have enough time to figure out the necessities and tactics that will dictate their parenting style. Still, they will come across plenty of unexpected challenges and situations that will test their character. If you have experience as a parent, you can provide them with helpful pieces of advice on how to handle certain obstacles.

You do not have to dictate or control their parenting style. Share stories of how you deal with the situation if they find themselves in one that is similar to yours. You can also share hacks and tips on maintaining sleep and work despite having children in their household. All your pieces of advice can lead them to an efficient path, and they have you to thank for showing them the way.

mother sleeping next to baby

Listen to Their Frustrations

It can be challenging to figure out how you will support a first-time parent if you have no idea how challenging it is to raise a child. However, you will find that your presence alone can be helpful. They might feel stressed-out because of the overwhelming responsibilities they have to take every day. If you want to provide support, you can help them find a way to release stress and tension.

Listen to their complaints and stories of frustrations about parenting. It might not be the support you intended to provide, but you will find that the release will help them feel lighter and less-drained. Once they get everything off their chests, they have enough room to take on their parental responsibilities in a more relaxed state. They might not know how critical your role is, but the support you provide will significantly lessen the toll that comes with taking care of a baby 24/7.

Offer to Babysit

It will be challenging to figure out what you can do for first-time parents that will give them a break from their responsibilities. Before the arrival of their child, they have dreams and goals that they want to pursue. Becoming a parent means that they have to abandon some of them, including gaining new experiences like traveling. Trying out a different restaurant or getting a massage might even be off the table for a long while.

First-time parents have to take a break to refresh themselves, which is why babysitting for them can be helpful. If your friends trust you enough with their child, you will find that they will be grateful for providing them with their well-deserved break, even if it means just getting more hours of sleep. However, you have to avoid taking the responsibility lightly.

First-time parents will find that the first few years of raising a kid will be exhausting and stressful, but they often find strength in the people that support them. It is your duty as their friend to ensure that they have a circle they can rely on for mental and physical health, even if it is only small contributions.

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