Other Ways You Can Boost Your Immunity During the COVID-19 Crisis

The pandemic continues to threaten our way of living. But according to health experts, there are things we can to better safeguard ourselves from getting the virus. This includes practicing regular and proper handwashing, social distancing, and regular disinfection of high trafficked areas in our home. It is also crucial that we boost our immune system. This makes it easier for our bodies to fight the virus. In case we do get COVID-19, and we have a strong immune system, we won’t be as sick as the others and will find it easier to recover.

The problem is, there is no single solution to boost your immunity. You can’t improve your health by simply eating healthy. You need a combination of healthy habits and other mindful practices so you can optimize your health. Thankfully, there is always room for improvement.

You may have already started eating healthier and are now living a more active lifestyle. You even try hard to get more sleep each day. But there other things you can do that can greatly help improve your immune system.

Add Foods Rich in Probiotics in Your Diet

Up to 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. If you have a healthy gut, this makes it easier for your digestive tract to absorb nutrients necessary for a healthy immune system. One way to ensure a healthy gut is by adding probiotics into your diet.

There are probiotic supplements available in the market. But unless your doctor recommended a supplement to treat an existing disorder, it is best to stick to eating foods rich in probiotics instead. These foods are either fermented with benign bacteria or contain live bacteria cultures.

The best source of probiotics includes:

  • Plain and no sugar added yogurt, sour cream, kefir, and buttermilk with live cultures
  • Fermented condiments
  • Fermented fruits and vegetables
  • Miso and tamarind sauce

Try an Intravenous Drip (IV Drip)

If you don’t mind being poked by a needle to get pumped with all sorts of supplements, then consider visiting a licensed IV therapy clinic. Numerous clinics offer different infusions that offer many benefits. In this case, you can get one that is meant to give your immune system a boost.

Wonder why some people choose an IV drip instead of taking regular supplements? As it turns out, our body doesn’t absorb all of the supplements we take. Most of the supplements you take will be excreted by the body.

With an IV drip, your body will be able to absorb all the supplements. Different IV drips can serve different purposes. For instance, if you have been recently exposed to an illness, you could use an immune-boosting IV drip to reach your goal.

IV drip

Avoid Respiratory Disease-Causing Activities

Do you smoke or use vape? Maybe you are often exposed to secondhand smoke? Or maybe your job always involves you inhaling harmful chemicals that can ruin your respiratory health?

It is crucial that you avoid these things asap. The COVID-19 virus attacks your respiratory system by damaging your lungs. Such activities can make your respiratory health suffer, making you more vulnerable to getting extremely sick from the virus. Remember the COVID-19 makes breathing harder, with patients with severe cases needing a ventilator to breathe.

Quitting smoking and vaping, and safeguarding yourself against secondhand smoke and harmful chemicals will make it easier for you to boost the health of your respiratory system. This may not completely help save you from getting the virus. But you will thank yourself later as you get to avoid serious complications in the future.

Work on Self Betterment

Stress plays a huge role in our health. If we let stress dictate our lives, this can influence both our mental and physical health. This is since we often make the wrong decisions when stressed out.

According to studies, stress can also influence how we make decisions. It is due to this reason why many people who are stressed out would indulge in unhealthy habits like binging in your comfort food or staying up late to watch your favorite series because you can’t sleep. The more anxious and stressed out you are, the easier it will be to make decisions you will regret in the future.

For instance, you have an obsession with following the latest COVID-19 news. The rising death rates and the increasing number of cases each day often stresses you out. What you can do instead is to limit the out time you spend watching and searching COVID-19 related news and focus on improving your health and immunity.

Embracing healthy habits is your best bet in improving your immunity mid- pandemic. The healthier your immune system is, the easier it will be to achieve many of your goals. Learn how to treat your body right and think of it as a challenge to help make yourself a better you.

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