From Your Own Hands: Getting Into Dressmaking As A Hobby

When you are thinking about getting a new dress, consider making the next one. Many people turn all the free time they have right now to new skills, and a big favorite is dressmaking. Combining utility and fashion, many new dressmakers are creating comfortable and fashionable creations. If you want to be part of the trend, here are some tips on getting started.

Start With Patterns

The first thing you should know about is sewing patterns. The challenge of making your dress is where to start. This is where sewing patterns come in. When you are starting, you need a guide for your initial work. Basic things like skirts, blouses, and more are the foundation of dressmaking. If you want to learn how to make them, sewing patterns make it easy. The great thing about them is that they are easily available. You can download and print patterns on the internet, while printed patterns are available for sale. Buy them and cut the patterns. Follow the instructions included, and you will have a solid foundation.

Know The Materials

Besides the basic information on making dresses, you need to know more about the materials you will be working with. For example, you need to know the various types of thread out there. They are mostly divided by the material they are made of. There are the natural threads from cotton and wool, while there is the synthetic thread from polyester. You can also classify threads by purposes like upholstery thread and embroidering thread. This can give you an idea of what you will be using.

Additionally, being familiar with various fabrics can help. A fabric from Island Batik has a different purpose and look than ones sourced from Scotland. The right fabric can make a dress look good and unique, so this is very important.

Look For Resources Online

woman looking at clothes rack

In the past, dressmaking was mainly passed down from parent to child. Nowadays, you would be very lucky for that to happen. Fortunately, the internet is making this much easier for people to learn the necessary skills. Look for video tutorials and maker communities. These can be a big help in developing your dressmaking skills. Also, there are online classes that can allow you to develop your abilities more.

Get The Necessary Tools

It would be best if you also had some necessary tools for your dressmaking work. The most basic is a set of sewing needles. These should be pretty easy to get. Another essential is good fabric scissors. You want a sharp set that will cut through the fabric easily, with no ragged ends. The preferred type is the dressmaker’s shears which are made for the job. Besides that, you should decide on what sewing machine to get. There are dozens of brands out there, and they all offer a wide range of features. For a beginner, choose one that is easy to use and requires little maintenance. You can upgrade it later.

Have A Work Space

Another essential part of dressmaking is having a good workspace. You can technically do your sewing anywhere, but having a dedicated part of your home for sewing makes things easier. You can store all of your necessary materials, patterns, and tools. Your sewing machine especially needs space. There is also a need for a large flat table that will become your cutting table, where all your fabric is divided into manageable pieces. Find space in your basement or a spare room so that you can work in peace.

Develop Basic Skills

There are a few basic skills that you need for dressmaking. One of them is knowing how to cut fabric properly. It can be surprisingly difficult to do, especially if you have to follow a pattern. You also have to ensure that you do a clean cut so that your dress doesn’t have any frayed edges. Other skills that you need to learn are all the basic stitches you can do by hand and then proper use of your sewing machine. Practice these skills first on spare fabric to ensure that you aren’t making a mistake.

Being the one who makes your clothes can be very liberating. Instead of not knowing what exactly went into what you are wearing, you know every fabric and button. Additionally, you can be sure that it was ethically made and not put together in a sweatshop somewhere. It also gives you a sense of achievement. As your skills develop, you can be sure to create masterpieces.

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