Selling Shoes? Shoe Photography Basics

Selling shoes is a lucrative business idea, knowing that people will always need (any kind of) footwear. On top of that, you will never run out of collectors who are always on the lookout for new pairs and shoes. You are in a good industry if you are a stockist or an online seller who capitalizes on lifestyle items, such as shoes and shirts. You may find selling shoes easy, knowing that you can easily store them, especially if you have a large space to spare. You just have to check them from time to time to make sure that they are in top condition.

Regardless, shoes do not perish. If you want to get rid of your surplus pairs, you can sell them at a discount. Want to sell more? You should invest in photography. Shoes, after all, are lifestyle items. The more attractive they look online, the more chances of getting them sold easily. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Consider the angles

You already know about flat-lays and side views, but you should not settle for these angles. You can make it easy for customers to appreciate the product if you provide them with angles they can browse.

As you are working with a photographer, explore taking photos from different angles. That way, you have multiple options when you are deciding which photos to upload to your e-commerce website. You can go into the details that your buyers can examine when they are shopping at your website.

Pick a nice model

Showing just shoes can be quite cold. You may want to make the store look and feel warm and intimate by having a model for your shoes. Have them wear your products, but pick models that have nice-looking legs. If you want to incorporate diverse lifestyles, you may want to show legs that have a tattoo. That is if you are targeting a niche market, such as skateboarders and hardcore collectors.

Consider the background

One of the rules of fashion photography is to be minimalist and classy as much as possible. For instance, you should avoid using busy backgrounds. Otherwise, the product may get drowned in the backdrop.

As much as possible, you should go for neat backgrounds, such as white and neutral shades. You can still make things fun and funky by using different color blocks for your products. You can pick the color based on the lifestyle you are trying to exhibit.

Go for proper editing

photo editing

While your products already look good, the images may not look good online when uploaded. What you should do is go for good post-processing. You can edit some color elements, the lighting, and the shadow. This is where you will need the help of a provider of e-commerce product image editing services.

Selling shoes online is a nice business idea. If you want to sell more, you must invest in making them look attractive online. This is why you should consider working with reliable third party suppliers, such as photographers and editors.

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