Live Like a Star: Get Interior Design Inspiration from Hollywood

Old Hollywood is a rich source of inspiration for many. The fascination with the Golden Age of Hollywood is due in part to stories of the studio system and its starts. But this era was also marked with visually stunning aesthetics. This old-world glamour is enticing, especially when it’s compared to present-day Hollywood.

Taking inspiration from Old Hollywood for your interior design project is easy enough. The style is often summarized in buzzwords like glamour, luxury, and vintage. But this can result in lackluster results or an unattractive amalgamation of tacky items.

Explore the different ways you can incorporate the aesthetics of Old Hollywood in your home without going overboard.

Choose a single statement piece for each room.

Old Hollywood style, particularly in interior design, was inspired by the larger-than-life personalities of stars. Few prescribed to the idea of minimalism, often choosing to identify as maximalists when decorating their homes. Although this aesthetic still has its fans, it’s difficult to maintain a home that is styled in this manner.

Rather than filling your home with all sorts of eclectic furniture, choose a single statement piece for each room. An expertly restored piece of antique furniture, for example, is eye-catching and becomes a conversation starter. California, from San Diego to Sacramento, is a treasure trove of Hollywood memorabilia.

Choose a theme based on your favorite movie.

The transition from black and white to Technicolor gave the world beautifully made movies. Consider using your favorite movie as a design theme for your home. This will keep you from recreating a movie set in your living room.

Gone with the Wind, for example, is remembered for its use of primary colors in different textures. You can easily recreate this for your drapes and upholstery. Alternatively, if you are leaning more towards the simplistic chic of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s a matter of combining different shades of blue with splashes of pink and black.

Choose accessories that remind you of Old Hollywood.

Classy interior design

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to become a maximalist to live like a star. You can show your appreciation for Old Hollywood by decorating your home with items that remind you of the era. Several shops are dedicated to these types of furnishings and accessories.

Take inspiration from Mae West and make a statement wall with vintage mirrors. Another option would be to hang up prints of your favorite Hollywood stars’ photos. If those seem too much, you can settle on tchotchkes that are inspired by your favorite movies. Place them around your home to decorate the space.

The Golden Age of Hollywood was made up of fantastical characters and their lives. But even with the scandals and tragedies, they were still able to keep their glamorous image. Looking at the good rather than the bad has inspired many to live more like a star, at least style-wise. There are plenty of ways for you to live out your Hollywood dream through interior design. It’s only a matter of being more practical with your design decisions.

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