Help Your Business Sell More Jewels

If you own or manage a jewelry store, whether a brick-and-mortar or online shop, you know that selling a piece of jewelry is more than just eloquently stating the facts to your customer. Customers are emotionally invested in their purchases. You have to show them more than just sizes and colors. Here’s how you can help your business sell more jewelry:

Retouch Your Merchandise

You can hire a jewelry retouching provider. Customers pass by your store, and before they can even come close to your display window, they often see posters of the jewelry that you sell. Jewelry retouching services provide a great way of making jewelry in photos look stunning and elegant.

You can also retouch the pictures of jewelry in your online store. It’s also great if you both have a physical store and an online shop. You can best take advantage of retouching services if you have both.

Jewelry retouching can remove dust and scratches in photos, polish gems, correct jewelry colors, and even recolor silver and gold pieces. Retouching also provides the removal of bad reflections on images, repaint the shine of metals, and clean backgrounds on pictures.

With the right images to market your jewelry, you are sure to make more sales!

Make Your Shop a Warm Destination

Customers today look for a different buying experience. Whether in-store or online, the best way to provide a unique buying experience to your customers is to make your shop a warm destination.

Don’t bombard your customers with the facts of your merchandise. Make sure that you and your team focus on the romance and beauty of a jewelry piece. Technical details can come in handy only when your customer starts to ask a question. Always learn what your customers are looking for. Make a personal connection with them.

Plus, train your salespeople to become friendly and ultra-polite. Always acknowledge the emotional nature of your customer’s purchase. By doing so, your sales team will look inviting, especially if they welcome customers as they arrive and thanking them as they leave. Always leave a lasting impression.

Offer Coupons and Other Special Promotions

sell more jewelry

Coupons and holiday sales are simple but great ways of boosting your sales. Offer sales for specific seasons and holidays. You can also put up a sale on your store’s anniversary. Everyone loves a discount, even jewelry buyers.

However, never put up sales within close intervals of each other. This can make customers suspicious that your merchandise is not good enough. Take time to study the demands of your customers to determine when the best time for you to put up special promotions.

Before you apply these tips, remember that customers today purchase jewelry because of how that particular piece made them feel. A ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace – whatever it is, if it made a customer happy, that customer will buy it.

So how else can you make a customer happy aside from the tips mentioned here? Provide a human experience on your store. Make sure that they have comfortable seating and that your store is warmly lit.

If you have an online shop, make the browsing experience smooth and user-friendly. Aesthetics always is a great sales booster in any jewelry store.

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