Caring for Your Hair Extensions with the Right Products

Nothing transforms sad and tired wisps of hair into long, voluminous locks like hair extensions. Even the richest and the most famous would agree. Miraculous as they come, hair extensions need that tender loving care, too. The more they’re styled and exposed to the elements, the more you have to deal with dry and damaged extensions.

The bad news is your scalp won’t give them the nutrients and oils they need to stay healthy. The good news is that looking for the right haircare products isn’t all that complicated. If this investment means that much to you, it’s easy to find shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that will not let you down and your gorgeous virgin hand-tied wefts.

Here’s a quick guide on how to keep your lustrous locks looking fabulous round the clock:

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

When it comes to hair extensions, moisture is everything. Look for hair products that are argan, castor, or coconut oil-based. They’re great for drawing moisture back into the hair strands.

You should also stay away from “bad” alcohols, which include propanol, ethanol, and sodium lauryl sulfate. These short-chain alcohols penetrate the hair shaft easily and cause dryness and frizz, wearing out the hair extensions fast.

The “good” alcohols, on the other hand, are those derived from palm oil or coconut oil and usually found in deep conditioners. They infuse moisture back into the hair and add a smooth, slippery texture effective for detangling.

Choosing a Shampoo

woman at a salonGo for shampoos that don’t have parabens, sulfate, and sodium chloride.

In other cases, these ingredients are good for removing dirt and oil from hair. But what they do to your hair extensions is strip them of their natural oils and tear the cuticle protecting the extensions. Destroy the cuticle, and you can say goodbye to your hair extensions.

Get a shampoo that doesn’t only preserve the cuticle but also strengthen it. Look for products that contain the amino acids keratin and panthenol. They can strengthen your cuticle and hair from the inside and out.

Choosing a Conditioner

Go for natural botanical extracts.

When it comes to conditioning, you want something that will penetrate deep into your strands. Go for products with herbal and botanical extracts and silk proteins to revitalize damaged or stressed hair.

If you have extra dry and curly hair extension, condition it daily with a product that contains keratin. It helps preserve cuticle, reduce frizz, and leaves hair smooth and shiny.

Also, use a deep conditioning treatment.

To complement daily conditioning, your deep conditioning treatment should happen once a week or every other week, depending on how oily your natural hair is. The gold standard is anything with shea butter and argan oil, which are good for restoring elasticity, hydrating dry or damaged hair, and leaving it stronger.


Now that you’re done with shampooing and conditioning, it’s time for the finishing touches. We recommend applying any argan oil-based serum to give your hair silky smooth texture and dazzling shine.

If you’re planning to use a flat iron or curling iron, protect your hair from heat damage with a heat defense spray. Your extensions will be less vulnerable to splitting or breakage.

Moisturize, hydrate, protect, repeat. These are the sacred words of anyone who wants to keep their hair extensions in top condition for a long time. Follow these tips, and your investment of time, money, and effort should be worth it.

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