Useful Ways Runners Can Better Care for Their Feet

These days, more people are now running regularly. Some do this as a fun way to stay healthy. Others do this as a career, while others do this to give back to the community. No matter the type of runner you may be, there is one critical aspect you’ll always want to take good care ofyour feet.

For most people, the body parts we often take for granted are the feet. However, if you are a runner, these should always be your priority. By taking great care of your feet, you can better prepare yourself for each run and make sure you can keep going for more jogs in the future. But what else can you do aside from keeping your feet clean, dry but moisturized, and well-rested before and after running?

Don’t take foot problems lightly.

Our feet take their daily beating even if we are only doing our daily chores. When we run, our feet need to take additional pressure since they have to support our body weight for up to three times. That makes them more prone to foot problems. That is why we should take time to check on our feet for any signs of an issue and visit a podiatrist if you need help. This way, they can help you address the issue ASAP, even if it meant taking care of your calluses and corn removal while in Singapore.

Wear the right shoes

It is no secret that the right trainers can make your run a more comfortable one. But many people still choose style over quality and comfort. If you want to run faster without torturing your feet, invest in the right shoes. It is important to note that you may have invested in getting a pair of comfortable trainers, but know that these won’t last forever. Shoes shrink at time passes by, while your feet can increase in size, which means it is vital to get your feet measured every time you go shoe shopping.

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Find the right socks.

All runners know that going sockless is not an option. However, just any type of socks is also not a good idea. When running, what you need are moisture-wicking socks. This way, you get to keep the moisture out. It is also a good idea to choose compression socks for extra measures. These can help improve the circulation on your feet, thus helping you prevent injury and aid in the recovery of your foot muscles.

Take advantage of cold therapy.

Feet can swell and overheat after a hard run. What you can do to take care of this problem is by immersing your feet in cold water immediately after each run. You can also consider raising your feet and use an ice pack to cool them down. Make sure you don’t do this for more than 15 minutes. If you have a peripheral vascular disease, skip the cold therapy as it will only make your condition worse.

Our feet are some of the most overworked parts of our bodies. When we run, our feet have to work double-time to support and keep us balanced. So make sure you don’t take foot care for granted, and your feet will thank you for your efforts.

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