The 8 Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Dresses are a wardrobe staple for women of all ages. They can be dressed up or down, and they’re perfect for any occasion. While the list of must-have dresses may vary depending on personal preference, there are a few essentials that every woman should have in her closet. Here is a list of the eight dresses every woman should own:

1. The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is essential for every woman in her closet. It can be worn to any occasion, and it’s the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe for any season. Whether you want a short, strapless LBD or a long, floor-sweeping version – the little black dress is a great way to complete your look.

2. The Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are perfect for summer weddings and outdoor events like music festivals and picnics by the pool. They’re also great for warmer climates where women would prefer not to show their legs in cooler weather – but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one in winter. Just wear nude tights underneath, and add some colorful pumps and a bright scarf for a complete winter look.

3. The Cocktail Dress

Another wardrobe staple, the cocktail dress, is great for all sorts of occasions. Whether you’re going to an important work function or simply having drinks at your favorite bar with your girlfriends – the cocktail dress will get you noticed in any crowd. There are many variations of this type of dress, but usually, they fall between floor-length and mini-length – depending on how daring you are feeling that night! And if need be, it can easily be worn as your little black dress at other times during the week.

4. The Sun Dress

Perfect for summer days spent by the ocean or poolside, sundresses are light and loose-fitting. They come in many different styles, but they are all perfect for summer. Sundresses are usually sleeveless with a simple skirt and can be tied or sewn to flatter your body type. These are perfect outfits to slip on at home when you’re getting ready fast.

5. The Maxi Skirt

An alternative to the maxi dress, the maxi skirt is very similar except that it lacks the ability to open at the front. They can be long or short, depending on your preference. If you want one that falls past the ankles – go for a longer length! And if you want something shorter, opt for a mini version of this pretty piece of clothing. The great thing about this specific garment is that it can be worn casually during the day with a t-shirt and flip flops – or it can be dressed up for nighttime with strappy stilettos.

6. The Ruffle Dress
woman wearing ruffle dress

Ruffles are everywhere, and they’re not just for little girls anymore! Women of all ages love this fancy design element because it is so versatile. Some ruffle dresses come in feminine styles like pink polka dots, while others are more masculine looking – including black and red variations. They often have very short straps, which makes them great to wear in warmer weather without having to worry about tan lines. If you’re worried about looking childish, go for a dress that has long sleeves underneath the shorter ones. That way, you can take off the long sleeves when it’s too hot out – but keep them on if you need an extra layer.

7. The Slip Dress

This slip dress looks best when it’s tailored to your body type. It should be fitted at the top but flow out just past your waistline. This slip dress pattern is perfect for wearing underneath sheer tops or cardigans – without having to layer up! Since you are showing some skin, slip dresses are great if you have a sleek and sexy figure. But they can also be worn by any woman regardless of her size or shape – especially if she feels confident enough in herself to do so! Slink into one that fits perfectly, then slip on an evening jacket or shawl in case you get cold.

8. The Summer Jumpsuit

Another great option for ladies that don’t like to show their legs, the summer jumpsuit is perfect for wearing in warm weather. Although they can be pricey (and usually are), you should invest in one because it will look great on your figure! If you feel uncomfortable showing too much skin, simply go for a long-sleeved version of the jumpsuit style. The best thing about this garment is that it looks like you’ve put time and effort into getting ready – while actually only taking minutes.

The eight dresses every woman should own are all versatile and easy to wear. There are many variations of each type, but they can be combined with other pieces in your wardrobe for a variety of looks.

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