Why Hiking Is Good for You

Are you feeling stress caused by work and the daily grind? This may bear down on you and result in poor health and state of mind. You might need to look for ways to de-stress; one activity to consider is hiking. Going on a hike has many therapeutic and health benefits.

You will not only get a chance to leave the frenetic pace of the city but also stand in awe of nature’s beauty. Experts cite the following ways hiking improves your well-being.

Improved Fitness Level

Just approximately an hour of hiking will burn around 500 calories, depending on the difficulty of the trail and the weight you are carrying. This is a huge bonus for those who want to lose weight and get the body type they want.

Trekking trails are better for your joints compared to running on concrete. Sink your feet into the dirt, scramble up a steep incline, and enjoy the views and lead a healthier life.

Control of Routine

Trails around the world such as those you’d find hiking in Zermatt, California, Italy’s Dolomites, and the mountains in Peru provide you with plenty of choices.

You can choose between scenic and gradual ascents or a steep incline trail as a workout. You have the option to take the route you want and control the pace of the entire workout.

Better Cardiovascular Health

The rigors of hiking improve your cardiovascular health. Frequent treks improve your blood pressure and heart while also reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Going up steep inclines or descending them pushes the limits of your body.

It boosts your metabolism and burns away the fat that may clog the arteries of your heart. Going downhill is effective in decreasing blood sugar and boosting your tolerance to glucose.

All these benefits are important in your fight against cardiovascular disease, especially if you are approaching middle age already. If you are still young, it helps to lay the foundation for prevention.

Healing Effects

When you hike and commune with nature, you feel serene and de-stressed. The fresh air and views of the rolling, verdant hills are refreshing compared to the cold and precise measurements of skyscrapers.

Following a trail and reaching a peak gives you a boost in self-confidence and may help reconcile some of the inner turmoil a person is feeling. The confidence boost makes a person courageous enough to ask for a promotion, start a new career or business, or increase their social circle.

An International Journal of Sports Medicine published a study citing that long trekking trips may boost the body’s antioxidative capacity. This is important in fighting cancer and prevents the recurrence of the disease.

Become a more Social Person

Hikers on a mountain

Hiking is a social activity you can do with friends or even a group of strangers. Even if you are trekking a one, meeting a fellow hiker and the opportunity to help each makes you a better person. The preparation for a trip and enduring an arduous trek allows bonds to form.

These are some of the reasons hiking is an activity that improves a person’s well-being. Start a hike with friends or go on your own to experience these.

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