What Does Your Hairstyle Tell About You?

Your hair is said to be your crowning glory. It can be a huge factor in your look. One day you can look youthful, but if you do not treat it right, you can look like an old hag. You can say that it is your main fashion accessory. Women can be meticulous in having it done, as they can spend hours in the salon recoloring or straightening their locks. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the classic male haircut. It is a no-nonsense style that just aims for them to be as presentable as they can be for all occasions. 

A hairstyle can tell much about you as a person. What about you? Do you have a favorite?


If you have some hedges or bushes in your backyard that you maintain, chances are that you have it shaped to your liking. Every now and then you take your garden clippers so you can cut off the excess branches or leaves. The same can be done to your hair. If you have a hairdo that you are comfortable with, you would not want to have it altered too much. In this sense, if you like going for trims, you seem to be more of a traditionalist. You like things to stay as they are as that is what makes you tick. 

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Sticking to a habit can be an effective way to be productive, and when that is taken away, it might take time for you to develop a new one. If your style has been tampered with, you will be visibly uncomfortable until you get the hang of it or find another that you would feel good wearing.

Letting Your Hair Down

The phrase “letting your hair down” means that you are exercising your freedom. In the literal sense, you are displaying the natural features of your hair. It is the best way to showcase pretty and curly locks or the smoothest strands. Being natural can also be synonymous with being honest or having nothing to hide. You are proud of what you are and what you are accomplished, and you have no problem showing that to people. 

Clean Cut

Having a clean cut exudes tidiness and professionalism. You take how you present yourself to others seriously, especially those that have the potential for a business relationship. It is a safe style to wear when you are participating in interviews or presentations, as it does not distract people from the agenda at hand.

The clean look also can be tied to being utilitarian. This means you focus more on the function or purpose ahead of anything else. It does not scream stylish or ugly, but it is all you need to get by your daily activities.

How you take care of your hair is reflective of your personality. It can make or break people’s impression of you, so you want to make sure that you know what to do with it in certain situations. Just keep it clean and orderly, and you will see how people will admire you.

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