Types of Mirrors for Your Home Décor

People say that home is where your story begins. Though it might not be obvious, this is true more so when it gives you the chance to decorate. Irrespective of your available floor space and the shape of your rooms, the right décor can change any place into your dream home.

Some of the must-have home décor pieces for all interior designs are throw pillows and blankets, mirrors, rugs, mats, wall art, vases, greenery, and flowers. While these can be sourced albeit cheaply from virtually any store, your best choice is getting them from a clothing boutique in Phoenix.

Here, you have the best selection of exquisitely crafted pieces among them mirrors that will transform these traditionally functional pieces into that changes the look of your rooms. Here are the mirrors that should form a part of your home’s interior décor and guidelines on how to you them.

Full-Length Free Standing Mirrors

These reflect your entire body. They are easily portable, making them perfect for renters and leave no marks on the walls like hung ones.

Some of the versatile full-length mirrors come with an attached storage solution like a fitted, slim cabinet to fit your small accessories and jewelry. These are generally used in your closet and bedroom though they will also suffice for your entryway.

Hanging Mirrors

These come in varied sizes, weight, and styles. They can typically be suspended form a string or chain and most can be attached using simple picture frame hook since they are lightweight.

Moreover, they can be hung on plasterboards owing to their lightweight nature. Some come with handy little shelves for the storage of accessories and toiletries. Hanging mirrors are a perfect fit for bathrooms over the sink and bedrooms.

Wall Mirrors

bathroom interior

These are pretty much similar to hanging mirrors though they are generally fitted into your walls using D-ring hangers on their back panels. Furthermore, wall mirrors are heavier and have more elaborate styles and thicker frames compared to wall mirrors.

The available wall mirrors range from elegantly small ones to oversized statement pieces for those who want them to be the central point of a room’s decor. Wall mirrors can be hung anywhere in your rooms and thus suffice for limited floor spaces.

Overmantle Mirrors

These complement your fireplace and make it the dominant décor element of your room. Overmantle mirrors also give your rooms a grandeur appearance reminiscent of the Victorian and Edwardian interior design styles. If you want a subtle charm, you can opt for frameless rather than framed mirrors.

Over-the-Door Mirrors

These are the perfect choices for small bedrooms and are hung over doors directly opposite the windows. They thus reflect light into your bedroom and make space look way larger and elegant than it might ordinarily be. Some also have hooks to boost their functionality.

Simply adding mirrors into your space will not have their desired design effect for your rooms. The above types of décor mirrors match different spaces, and should this be expertly chosen to ensure they meet your design. Thankfully, you have a lot of style and finish options for your mirrors provided you shop at the right place.

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