Make Your Dream Wedding Happen: Pointers for Saving Up

Your big day will always be that celebration you will be excited about. You have grand dreams for it, and your imagination is already running wild just with a thought of it. But when you get back to reality, you will realise that your imagination and creative plans will not be able to fund your dream wedding. This means that you have to save up.

However, saving money can be a challenge, too. You have a lot of things in your life that you need to attend to, and there are bills that you need to pay. This is where your creativity is much needed. You may not be looking at the right places, but potentially, there are a lot of ways you can bump up your wedding budget. You just have to trust your abilities. You and your fiance or fiancee should trust each other.

Whether you are planning a rustic barn wedding or looking into an exclusive wedding destination in France, here are some ways you can secure funds for your big day:

Create a separate account

You have to be conscious of saving money for your wedding. Initially, you may be just tucking money into your own savings account or you may be even keeping it in a real piggy bank. However, there is a more efficient way to save, and that is by creating a separate account where you and your spouse-to-be can keep the money. One strength of this method is that it allows and encourages automatic savings. You just have to find the right bank that will agree with your arrangements.


Think of your wedding as a culminating reward. With that mindset, you will be inspired to work hard for it. And one way of doing just that is by moonlighting or finding a second job. Look at your skills and see which of them can help you make money. Are you a banker who has a flair for writing? You can be a freelance content writer or even a grant writer. A small business on the side will definitely help.

Learn how to negotiate

Saving up for your wedding does not always mean tucking away money. It may also mean reducing the costs that you will incur. One way of doing that is negotiating with your suppliers. Get quotes from different suppliers. When they know that they are competing with each other, they will come up with a new pricing scheme, which is usually more affordable, that will give you the upper hand.

Get a wedding planner

bride shopping for her wedding gown

You may have this impression that doing things yourself can help you save money. But take into account the expenses that come with your effort—the car’s petrol and the food you eat are among those things. However, getting a wedding planner can help you. These professionals have access to suppliers who can give them discounts and special favours.

Planning a wedding can be quite challenging, especially if you are organising a big one. But you can always turn things around with some creativity and resourcefulness. You can dream as big as you want, but you have to be realistic at the same time. That is the only way you can actually make your dream wedding happen.

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