How to Stay as Healthy as Possible When Traveling during the Pandemic

The stay-at-home orders that lasted for several months were undoubtedly suffocating for the average American. Certainly, we felt so constrained despite being safe at home. For many people, having a breath of fresh air outdoors was largely wishful thinking. To a large part, this explains why about 95% of people plan to travel once they can go out freely again.

Top experts agree that traveling is therapeutic. This benefit may be more important these days than ever before.

Unfortunately, traveling also comes with its risks. Transferring from point A to point B can certainly become stressful. If you’re not careful, you could get sick. It’s even worse in times like this, considering the virus is still out there.

For starters, you should get fully vaccinated before traveling. It’s a must, and it gives you the upper hand. Apart from this, the following tips should help you be in tiptop shape while traveling.

Boost Your Immune System before the Trip

Building your immune system before a trip is wise. With a functioning immune system, you can be sure of improved mechanisms to ward off infections. This way, you wouldn’t easily fall sick while traveling.

Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables before traveling. Ensure that you eat healthily by having a well-balanced diet. Plus, start taking vitamin supplements to boost your immune system.

Indeed, make sure you’re in top condition. A very effective option to doing just that is opting for acupuncture treatments just before traveling. You may not have heard of this non-traditional method, but think of acupuncture as something similar to the engine maintenance of your car.

Inserting needles at strategic points in your body can calm your nervous system and give your immune system a needed boost. This goes a long way in strengthening your body’s overall immune system for travel wellness.

If you have a problem finding a professional, the good news is some tried-and-tested experts can pay you a visit wherever you are at home or in the office. A good example here is Medical Home Visit. Their enormous list of satisfied clients should speak volumes about their proven expertise. Even better, they don’t just offer acupuncture but also treat back pains and give other osteopathy treatments right where you are.

Have Supplements with You

drinking vitamins

Don’t make the mistake of traveling around the world without having supplements with you. Traveling comes with a lot of stress, and supplements can be your timely booster.

Some essential supplements to opt for are vitamin B, C, D, zinc, fish oil, and magnesium. Indeed, these are supplements that will help you stay fit and strong during your trip. As these are general recommendations, you should ask your doctor which supplements would be best for you.

Be proactive. You can start taking these supplements even before traveling to prepare your body for the trip. And while on the trip, just keep taking them regularly for added protection.

You can also opt for probiotics. They are a good option for defending your gut. Starting a probiotic regimen just before traveling will help reduce the risk of traveler’s diarrhea. Your trip doesn’t have to be ruined by untimely visits to the bathroom all the time—you can achieve this by taking probiotics.

Always Stay Hydrated

Hydration is absolutely crucial when traveling. When you’re dehydrated, the feeling of tiredness and fatigue gets worse. At the same time, it becomes hard for your body to retain nutrients. Then, it becomes easy for your body to be infected.

Take as much water as you can per day. Take note that if you’re traveling by air, there are restrictions on the amount. If you are traveling by road, you can carry along a big bottle of water to keep drinking on the trip. Just ensure you take in enough water.

One thing to be careful of while traveling is your liquor intake. Drinking has been found to cause dehydration. So as much as possible, reduce your intake to the minimum. Even when you do end up drinking, ensure that you are consuming enough water as well.

Prepare for Muscle Tension

Sitting down for long hours while traveling can be quite tasking on the muscles. So, prepare some quick relief for your muscles.

In this regard, you can get muscle patches from your acupuncturist when you go for sessions. When you notice some muscle tension on the trip, immediately opt for the patch. This will save you from a lot of aches on the trip.

With the right care, traveling to a tourist destination isn’t just about transferring yourself from point A to point B. Rather it’s about giving yourself a timely break: an adventure of a lifetime you so long deserve.

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