How Can Fashion Affect People?

Fashion is what we face and deal with every day. It is a state of mind and an extension of one’s self. A person who chooses not to care about what they will wear on that day says a lot about them or how they feel. Fashion is a sense of style that constantly changes in the fashion world. Each fashion era can change dramatically or subtly. It is progress and industry as well.

Popular culture, movie stars, social media, and musicians constantly bombard us with fresh fashion ideas by launching designer coats and jackets for women.

Movies also have a significant influence on what people wear. It’s revolutionary, like how the movie clueless changed the 90’s fashion. A classic blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe in 1950s women’s fashion icon has still given rise to numerous exquisite fashion trends until now in the fashion industry.

Here are ten ways one can do to be fashionable:

1. Attitude and confidence

To start, fashion isn’t just about clothes or accessories. One must bring it to life by having attitude and confidence when wearing an outfit. A piece of clothing is nothing without the person wearing it. This is how the Victoria Secret Angels are famous. They wear lingerie with confidence and a positive attitude on the runway.

2. Love your own

With the increase of clothing inside our wardrobe, we are prone to get rid of those worn one too many times. Some might have clothes that are too big, too small, or outdated prints, and they might want to get those away. Being fashionable, you must learn to improvise and embrace what you have. What once was too big might be turned into something more form-fitting. Another too-tight outfit can be changed into another article of clothing.

3. Empowerment

Fashion has the power to empower everyone. You’ll never know what someone’s carrying underneath those fabrics. It’s fascinating how a piece of clothing affects people as individuals, how their behaviors might be impacted by whether or not they are confident in what they are wearing.

Fashion embraces more than simple apparel. It represents power. There’s no rules or age requirement in manner. It is a freedom of self-expression.

4. Enjoys change

Fashion from the word itself is revolutionary. People must not be scared to try new things. Every day you see recent trends coming up. You cannot be so sure if it is for you. But one thing that won’t make you regret it is getting out of your shell and enjoying the change.

woman taking a selfie

5. Sense of style

There are no rules in fashion. It is accessible to anyone. Styles reveal who you are. There are a lot of fashion styles to choose from. Choosing the best one for you may be challenging and overwhelming. Your preferred style might be affected by your budget, taste, lifestyle, activities, region, culture, and season

6. Finding inspiration

Many people have someone or a group that they look up to. There is also the internet that is readily available for everyone. Use this to your advantage, find inspiration for the people you look up to. Find inspiration in social media applications with all the trends, for example, Pinterest. From there, you can use what we find and spice up our closets.

7. Colors colors

Don’t be afraid of colors and add more accessories. One can go for monochrome and go for an outfit that matches. Another might also choose to go for bright colors and put them together. Then add your favorite accessories, simple or extravagant. And that’s how you’ll make a statement.

8. Bold footwear

Lazy day? But still, want to look fashionable? Choose the outfit of your liking and pair it up with some footwear – thigh-high boots, high heels, sneakers, and others. This way, you will stand out even when you choose to go simple with your outfit.

9. Textures

If you feel like you want to go all out and experiment with clothing, take an extra new step and mix different textures. Layering on print, leather, knitted, silk, and whatever you have in your closet. This will make a statement.

10. Find unexpected gems

Try to go out and discover other places that offer different styles and clothing. If lucky enough, you might have thrift shops around the area and find gems that would make you stand out and be more fashionable. Being fashionable does not mean we need to purchase expensive clothing. You can look into local brands and local thrift shops.

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