Great American Hobbies: Shooting Sports

Guns are prevalent in the US. Although some take some of these guns as part of their collection, many more shoot them for a hobby. It’s a recreational activity that anyone can enjoy. It’s stress-relieving and gives people a sense of catharsis at times.

Shooting sports is a variety of activities that uses firearms as their leading equipment. Think of it as the ball in basketball or soccer. However, unlike these two sports, firearms can vary depending on people’s preferences. For example, some might compete using pistols, while others might use hunting rifles instead. With a  growing amount of firearms available to people, the variety in shooting sports can be never-ending. But how do you get started in such a sport?

Safety First

The very first thing you should consider is your safety and the safety of those around you. Guns don’t kill people, but the mishandling of them can. There are various ways to be safe with your usage of firearms. However, the most important one is to do your research.

Do Your Research

Before you purchase any firearm, you must do your research first. There are many articles on the internet that talk about gun safety. Furthermore, they also talk about certain guns.

Many firearms, especially those from the same family of firearms, have similar characteristics. Learning about these characteristics can equip you with the necessary knowledge to handle guns safely. Moreover, the same knowledge can also help you excel among many others.

Attend Seminars

The National Rifle Association holds seminars for those parts of their student courses. These courses include a variety of subjects on gun safety. They will also give you a chance to learn many more firearms that you might not own at the moment. It’s good to enroll yourself in these student courses, as they are pretty cheap. Some of these courses are also given free by the NRA, and all you have to do is to attend them.

girl at a shooting range

Hire a Personal Trainer

If you want someone to teach you better control and the many other intricacies of using a firearm, then you should consider hiring a personal trainer.

Personal trainers can teach you various skills that student courses might not have. Moreover, their in-depth knowledge about certain firearms can make a difference in your performance. They can teach you multiple drills you can do every week. Furthermore, they can teach you the secrets of the trade.

It’s important to know that personal trainers can be costly. Some of these trainers are retired competitive shooters who might have achieved a couple of trophies back in their day, while some might still participate up to this day. Remember that you’re hiring some of the best to teach you their trade secrets, so it’s worth every penny.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once you’ve done everything we’ve indicated above, it’s time for you to do some practice. One of the best places to practice everything you’ve learned is in an indoor firing range. The design of indoor firing ranges makes it comfortable to practice. Unlike outdoor ranges, indoor ranges are usually equipped with automated systems, which means that you’ll never have to replace your targets.

However, if you want increased physical activity and freedom of movement, outdoor ranges have that covered for you. If you want to learn specific tactics, such as how you can move with a firearm or the art of clearing rooms, then outdoor ranges have that covered for you. Once you think you’ve gotten your stride and you’re comfortable with your chosen firearm, it might be time to compete.


Competing in shooting sports can be a profitable venture. Professional shooters can earn as much as $50,000 in salary, but that highly depends on your experience. Some out there might have a couple of hundred thousand dollars in competitive earnings. So there’s a good chance you can get your money back from all the investments you’ve made in this hobby.

However, it’s going to take you years before you get there. It’s vital that you practice as much as you can and whenever you can if you truly want to be competitive. But if you want to do some casual shooting, that’s fine too! It’s also an excellent way to burn some calories over the weekend.

Final Thoughts

Sports shooting has become a common sport in the US, and with all of these benefits, you should consider trying it out. You can earn some money while also relieving some stress while doing it. It’s a fun activity that anyone can enjoy.

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