Dating In Your 20s Is Hard: Here’s How to Survive It

Dating in your 20s is hard. It’s even harder if you haven’t dated many people before or haven’t really found what kind of person you are interested in.

Well, let’s get one thing straight: you aren’t going to find that person—that great, compatible someone—until after college. You can go on dates and do all the other things we’ll talk about, but if you’re looking for something serious, then you need to date around and keep your options open.

Therefore, you should definitely be dating around while you’re still in college. You might think that it’s not worth the effort of meeting people and trying to get them interested in you enough to go on a date. But really, what else are you doing?

If you’re currently in your twenties and having some trouble finding a significant other, here are some tips for dating in your twenties.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Hi

It’s easy to get swept up in your own head on a date. You’re so worried about saying the wrong thing or acting awkward that you don’t enjoy yourself. That’s why it’s good to start with something silly and jokey, like “hi.” It is probably one of the most intimidating words in the vocabulary because no one ever says it naturally, which means you’re going to have to talk.

But the thing is: how else are you going to break the ice? If someone is interested in getting to know you, then they’ll say hi! And that’s what dating in your twenties is all about: breaking the ice. You have to meet people, talk to them, and go on dates if you want to find someone willing to commit. So don’t be afraid of hi; it’s the first step towards success.

Take Advantage of Dating Apps

If you’re not finding many people your age to go out with at bars or other venues, try downloading a couple of dating apps to see if you have any luck there. Everyone uses them these days, so there more than likely will be many people in your area looking for dates on the same apps as you. Apps like Tinder and Bumble are perfect for this.

Aim for a Serious Relationship

When you get out of college, dating people becomes a lot more complicated. You have to get through the part where you meet new people and see if there’s a potential partner in the bunch before you can even think about going on a date properly.

The problem is that many people just want a hookup, not a relationship. They only want someone to go home with—no strings attached.

The thing is: unless you’re totally into that, hookups can end up being a huge waste of your time. You don’t need them as much as you think you do, especially if you’re looking for something serious. If someone isn’t willing to commit to you, they aren’t giving you what you need. Why are you trying to force something that isn’t meant to be?

Keep an Open Mind About “The One”

You don’t have to have a specific type, just someone who is good to you and genuinely cares about your well-being. Therefore, if you are looking for something short-term or casual, then go for it! It’s perfectly fine to be upfront about that from the start; after all, we’re young and majoring in “fun,” right? Just don’t get hung up on not finding the perfect girl or guy; that person might be right under your nose.

Try Matchmaking Services

Go for a matchmaking service if you have a hard time meeting people. This can be beneficial in two ways: not only does it take some pressure off you, but people who do matchmaking services can usually give you helpful tips for improving your dating game.

It can also be more comfortable to date someone who is in the same place you are. Credible executive matchmakers can be helpful and worth the money if you’re having a hard time meeting people your age.

Be Okay With Being Single for a While Longer

In college, it’s easy to assume that you’ll find “the one” and get married right after school. That’s not always the case, though. You might have to work through a few failed relationships before finding someone who is truly meant for you, and that’s okay. There are no rules here; just try to remember that you don’t have to settle if someone isn’t a great fit for you.

There’s a lot to remember here, but once you get a feel for what works and doesn’t work for you, dating in your twenties will be a cinch.

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