Putting the Pro in Prosecco: Making Your Wine Much More Exciting

Enjoying wines is one of the finer things in life. It allows you to pretend that you are some kind of heir watching over their own land. It makes you feel classy. But more than that, drinking wine helps you relax. It helps you appreciate it on various occasions. Among the most favourite wines of newbies and pros is the prosecco. Its unpretentious and fizzy characteristics are some of the factors that make people fall in love with it. It is simple yet bold. It is fruity yet wild. While some people are content to enjoy it on its own or with charcuterie, proseccos invite you to be creative and imaginative when it comes to drinking it. This may be something that you think is a job for a mixologist.

But it does not have to be. Again, as mentioned, you need to be creative and inventive. There is no right and wrong when it comes to experimenting. You will just have to find the taste that suits you. Try mixing and mixing until you get that flavourful tang. Whether you want to turn your prosecco gift around or just want to be adventurous, here are some mixes that you may want to try:

Ice Cream and Prosecco? A Sure Win!

You love ice cream, and you love your wine. Who would have thought that both will come together, let alone in your kitchen? In this mix, you may want to come up with an ice cream and prosecco mix. This is perfect for those who want to complement the fizz of prosecco with some dairy goodness. However, many mixologists advise that you use fruit-based ice creams or sorbets. For one, you may use peach or raspberry-flavoured sorbets for this one. You can drink it like a shake!

A Fruity Take

Since mixing with fruits-based ice creams and wine is being talked about, why not go full-on with fruits instead? In this mix, you may come up with a flavoured water take. For one, you can mix fruits, such as raspberries, lemons, and cherries and then pour over them your prosecco. Let the fruits sit for a while so that the flavours will transfer to the wine. If you are trying to enjoy other citrusy takes, experiment with grapefruits. Just squeeze some grapefruits over prosecco and add some sweet syrup.

Maybe With Some Herbs, Eh?

Waiter pouring red wine to a glass

If you are not a big fan of loud and sweet prosecco mixes, you can go for mixtures that have just a subtle hint of flavour — the one that does not distract you from the real taste of prosecco. You can add herbs! Rosemaries and thymes are some of your best choices.

Prosecco may be one of the humblest wines out there. Its simplicity may be due to its bareness, but that is what has made it loved by many. You may think that there is only one way to drink it, but go beyond the usual, and you will find that there are actually many ways to actually enjoy it. Prepare the mixes above during your parties and celebrations and wait for the guests to complement you.

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