Living Well with an On-the-go Lifestyle

One of the first things you’ll come face-to-face with when you go out of your home turf is change. It’s inevitable, and the only way you can deal with it is to adjust. In adjusting, it takes a lot of work and time to completely settle into a lifestyle—which you probably won’t and don’t have when you’re constantly flying from one place to another.

The changing time zones, weather, food, and social scene can be overwhelming at first, but you shouldn’t let the feeling consume you. One good thing about living with constant changes is that you learn to adapt faster than you used to. You learn a few tricks that you know work for you, and you apply them to help you get comfortable in a new environment.

Whether you’re someone traveling the world, or someone who doesn’t like staying in one place for too long, here are tips you can apply to help you enjoy the freedom of mobility without sacrificing your own mental and physical comfort:

1. Sleep Management

Sleeping well when you travel a lot may sound impossible, especially if you travel from one side of the world to the other, but it can be manageable. You don’t have to keep yourself up for more than intended to keep up with a new time zone.

  • Sleeping routine

The first order of business would be to establish a sleeping routine. Now, routines may sound strange in the context of living a life full of changes, but when you’re talking about getting your body used to specific activities, a routine is crucial.

Practice your wind-down routine—the activities you do to prepare for hitting the sack—to tell your mind and body that sleeping time is near. You could take a bath, read a book, or meditate. The activities are completely up to you. But the key here is to do them enough to make them a pre-sleep routine.

So, the next time you try to sleep in a new time zone, doing your wind-down activities will identify the activities as ones you do before resting. It can help you doze off easier.

  • Sleep environment

As you transit from one place to another, it’s unavoidable to have different accommodations. You can be sleeping in a luxurious room in one place and in a place less than that after. If that’s something you can’t change, make sure to sleep in a dark and cool room.

To help you ease into a sleepy state better, avoid using your mobile phone when you get to bed.

2. Nutrition


Different meal patterns and cuisine can be a lot if you’re planning your meals. Different places have different times for specific meals of the day with varying food choices.

  • Eating routine

Establishing a meal routine where you leave enough gaps between your breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a good start. It’ll work when you travel to a new place. Doing prior research on the local cuisine of the place you’re going next is also a good eye-opener. If you’re not one to try local cuisine, you can look for alternative places to eat to follow your meal pattern.

3. Physical activity

As a traveler, you’re accustomed to a lot of walking. But you might not be that type of traveler. Maintaining a regular amount of physical activity during your travels is essential to staying healthy as you go from one place to a new one.

You don’t have to look for gyms. Exercises can be done indoors with no equipment at all. Running outside during daylight is also a good choice. You get views, and you sweat. It also helps to establish a quick workout routine you can do when you travel.

Don’t worry about the intensity. Exercising regularly during your trips is good enough to keep you balanced. It’s also a good way to relieve stress.

4. Enjoyment

Remember that part of the reason you chose the on-the-go life is that you want to enjoy the freedom you have when experiencing new places and cultures. It doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal.

Worrying about the minuscule things such as how you’re going to get your clothes—the ones you’ll probably use for the rest of your adventure—cleaned should be weighing you down. There are plenty of laundry services in cities you go to that won’t take your time.

The on-the-go life may not be for everyone, but how would they know if they didn’t try it at least once in their lives? The key here is consistency. It isn’t easy to adjust to new things all the time, and having a consistent mindset will help you enjoy the lifestyle better.

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