4 Ways to Ensure You’re Dressed Up for the Right Occasion, Season, and Audience

To some people, picking the right clothing to wear for a specific occasion is considered an important task. That’s because some people make money by looking their best, some rely on looking sharp, and some simply love looking good.

Fortunately, there are a lot of choices to boggle our minds with. It can be a stressful journey to some, but others consider big fashion a blessing because they’d have more to choose from.

The easiest to choose clothes for are the children. For instance, Liberty of London children’s apparel doesn’t need to be as tailored as adult ones. They don’t care about how their clothing looks as much as grownups do.

But for people who tend to have a hard time making the choices they think are right, here’s a quick guide they can read and help them in their quest for a good clothing item:

1. Colour is a big factor

A critical part of any clothing item, colour can make or break a whole outfit. One bad colour choice can ruin a carefully curated outfit that took hours to make. With how much of an impact a clothing item’s colour has, it should weigh heavily when making fashion choices.

To help you pick the best colour of clothing items, you can pick the ones that look good on your skin tone. It’s also one of the factors that affect how good a clothing material’s colour fits you. If you’re having trouble picking an outfit colour because the event you’re attending with the clothing didn’t declare a mandatory colour for the dress code, your best basis is your skin tone.

If you were informed that the occasion you’ll be attending has a colour theme, make sure you pick the right shade that suits your skin tone but doesn’t stray too far away from the said colour theme.

2. Lines and patterns matter

Another thing that weighs heavily on how a piece of clothing looks is the pattern. Some patterns are pleasing to look at, and some just aren’t, no matter how we try to mix and match them with other clothing pieces.

When you’re looking for clothes with lines and patterns, make sure you pick the ones you know can go along with your other fashion pieces so you wouldn’t look like a kitchen table, a couch, or a textile in the room.

When looking to make a visual impression, make sure the clothing item with the pattern of your desire can mesh well with the rest of your outfit. You should also keep in mind that some lines and patterns can make you look thick, thin, short, or tall, depending on how they’re printed on the clothing.

choosing cloth

3. Think of your audience

When picking something to wear, it’s undeniable that we consider what the people who will witness what we wear will think. This is especially true for exclusive events attended by people who wear expensive designer pieces.

If you’ll be attending a professional event, know that you’ll be judged not only based on what you have under your belt of achievements but also based on what you wear and how sharp—or not sharp—you look to them.

When attending an occasion with strict dress codes, be sure to stay within the dress code’s boundaries without sacrificing your style and appearance.

4. Consider the season

Around the world, there are varying times for each season. It’s crucial to consider the current season for picking the right clothing to wear. The last thing you want is to dress in thick clothing during the hot summer and end up melting inside your clothes.

You also don’t want to dress using thin clothing materials and freeze your bones off. It would be difficult to carry an outfit when you’re under extreme levels of discomfort.

When choosing clothes, you should be very mindful of how the weather will be when you use the piece. The fabric’s quality and design should tell you a lot about how appropriate or inappropriate a piece of clothing is for the current season.

But if you really want to go for a certain outfit, there’s no problem wearing out-of-season clothing. As long as you know you’ll be able to go along with it until you can finally change out of them.

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