How to Start Your First DIY Home Decor Project

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Home decor can be quite costly, especially if you’re shopping for the unique kind. Even then, there is no guarantee that it can last a very long time. This is why creating your own decor can be a great idea. Not only will it be one of a kind, but you can design it to last longer compared to ones that are created using sub-par materials. You can complete a simple project, like a photo frame or personalized mug, or an elaborate one, such as an indoor pocket garden.

It’s never easy to start your own home decor project, especially if it’s the very first one. Knowing what you want to create is crucial as this is where everything else will revolve. Apart from necessities like strings, hammers, and adhesive strips, there are other things that you’ll need for your DIY home decor project:

Get Some Inspiration

It’s easy to say that you’ll make a bookshelf, but knowing how it will look like and how you’ll make it are something that you need to know during the planning stages. An inspiration triggers most DIY projects, and you can find a lot of them online. What will set your craft apart is how you’re going to make it your own. You can research for a step-by-step guide on how you can finish your chosen decor.

Spend Time on It

You want your decor to look great, and this means having the time to work on it on a regular basis. Leaving it idle for too long can leave the unfinished product worn out, especially if there’s cloth, thread, or other materials that can quickly fade or disintegrate when left out for long. Before starting your do-it-yourself craft, make sure that you have a few hours to spare every week so that you can get finish it as soon as possible. If you want to be more organized, you can plan and set a schedule on your phone.


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One of the few things that first-time crafters forget to check is measurements. If you are making a frame, for instance, make sure to check how you want it to look like on the wall or shelf. The first thing that you need to consider is the measurement and weight of the finished item and if the platform will be sturdy enough to hold it. There’s nothing like spending weeks (or even months) working on a DIY decor, only to find out later on that you won’t be able to use it because it’s too big, small, or heavy.

In the end, your first DIY home decor might be a challenge, but it will be easier afterward. Also, once you’ve finished one project, you’ll be motivated to do more. If you have more time on your hands, personalized decorations make the best gift items. You can give them as gifts to friends and family or make some extra income by selling them. If you need some help, you can always consult an expert or professional.

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