Career Talk: Photography, Not Just a Hobby

Thinking about pursuing a career in photography? Don’t hesitate any longer because there are endless paths that you can pursue and choose from. Being a professional photographer is a high-paying job that offers a lot of opportunities — locally and internationally. Plus, you’ll find it even more rewarding if you consider photography your creative passion.

With that being said, the question to ponder is not about whether or not it is profitable, but as to how you can make the dream happen.

There are institutions and universities around the world that offer degrees related to photography, and some even offer their courses online. While there are plenty of individuals who have innate talents, studying photography with the help of a school is still ideal. After obtaining a degree, some people decide to venture into teaching photography classes, while others start their own photo studio business or work for photography and editing companies.

In this guide, we are going to provide a detailed discussion of photography as a career path.

Wedding Photography

A wedding is a memory of a lifetime, and without great photos, the vibe is somehow incomplete. In addition, the wedding industry is competitive and lucrative. It’s impossible not to make a worthwhile career when working in this line of business.

Well, most wedding photographers, especially those who are veterans in the field choose to start their own businesses since this has higher earning potential. However, if you lack the capital, you may also opt for freelance jobs or become an assistant to well-established wedding photographers.


Professional photographerWhen fieldwork and action powered by the intensity of real-life issues are your jam, then photojournalism is the ideal career path for you.

Documentation of bad weather, wartime, high-stake legal cases, drug raids — you name it. Photojournalists can cover it all. However, due to the public’s access to portable cameras like smartphones, sources from photojournalists have been declining.

Due to that, today’s opportunities for this profession has become more competitive. The downside, however, is it provides less pay or compensation than most fields of photography. If you only aim to supplement a main job, such as blogging or news writing, an average salary of $39,571 annually does not seem bad after all. As they say, better have one than none.

Photo Editor

Career options in photography are not limited to capturing photos. There are many related jobs that also pay well, such as being a photo editor. While some photographers do the editing on their own, other photographers go to photo editing companies.

As an editor, you won’t use a camera and focus instead on giving a final touch of refinement to the works of other photographers. Photo editing services can be easily outsourced. Moreover, in this digital age where everything is curated, there are numerous individuals and companies who need retouching and editing.

Photography is indeed a worthwhile pursuit. You’ll have the chance to do what you are most passionate about while also landing big bucks in the process. To learn more about job opportunities in photography, do some research and ask experienced professionals for recommendations.

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