Aligning Teeth Has Never Been Easier

Gone are the days when people couldn’t do anything with their smile. If you had crooked teeth in your teenage years, your parents either spent hundreds of dollars on braces to made your teeth look fixed in your adult years, or you are now an adult insecure of your misaligned teeth.

While some adults in Sydney’s CBD aren’t really bothered by what their teeth look like, some people’s self-esteem is based on what they look like. So, the fact that they have crooked teeth may be the source of their low self-esteem and what makes them hesitant to socialize with others. Add in the fact that a person’s smile can affect the first impression they make, making them even more insecure to smile and bare their teeth to anyone.


Aligned Teeth without Braces

It may be a form of cosmetic dentistry, but fixed teeth and a better smile can make all the difference in the way you socialize and see yourself. People with straight teeth are thought to be smarter and more successful, says one study.

It is not important to change everything about oneself in the hope that this will improve lives, but people should be able to change certain things about themselves that they can in order to improve their self-confidence. This in turn can allow them to be a more positive and potentially more ambitious in life.

In Sydney CBD, Invisalign is a top choice for teenagers and adults alike to discreetly perfect their misaligned smile to improve their oral health and have that straight smile that they have always wanted. It provides the same effect as braces, but without a mouth full of metal that could be embarrassing for some professionals and teenagers.

By using innovative technology, dentists can create digital impressions and slowly, over the course of several months, alter the position of crooked, cramped or teeth with gaps. The technology makes use of multiple sets of aligners that are made from a hard-wearing clear plastic.


How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign are effective if used right, but it’s not for everyone. Invisaligns are customized to fit your teeth, which you then have to leave on for at least 22 hours a day to stay on track and get the expected results on time. Every two weeks or so, a patient gets new aligners to adjust their teeth to make it look closer to the set of teeth they’re looking for.

Unlike braces that can affect the way you speak or enjoy your food and drinks, Invisalign does not affect a person’s daily oral activities. Dentists say that an additional benefit Invisalign has compared to braces is that people do not have to disrupt their diets, as people with diets may find it difficult to continue their meals with braces.  Patients are welcome to eat and live how they want when they decide to have this extremely flexible treatment.


Thanks to the technology available, dentists can provide a virtual representation of what the results should resemble, allowing the patient to get excited about the treatment and focus on the road ahead. However, any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, consult with your local dentist and see if your teeth can benefit from Invisalign or require braces for more severe misalignment cases.

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