Tackle “No Spending” Days Successfully

“No spending” days are an excellent way to take a look at your expenses and identify non-essential purchases that you can live without. It can be challenging at first, but take inspiration from the people who have pushed it to “no spending” months or even years. If they can do it, so can you.

But with so many transactions in everyday life requiring you to take out your wallet to pay for products or services, is it possible? To make it easier, have a goal for each task. This way, you’re not focused on the fact that you can’t spend.

Go to Your Appointments

No matter how successful you think you are at adulting, chances are, you’ve missed a health check-up or a visit to your dentist in Fort Worth from time to time. Adulting might even be your excuse. There’s just so much to do in the office, or your family needs you to help them with their tasks.

Now that you have some free time because you can’t go to the mall or hang out at your favorite coffee shop, make it your goal to be on top of your health. Your healthcare usually covers the visit, so you will not be paying anything out of pocket. And even if you can’t go just yet, commit to doing so by penciling it into your calendar.

Clear Your Pantry

someone opening the kitchen cabinet

Perhaps the biggest problem you’ll encounter on your “no spending” day is the food expense. You’re used to getting takeout or treating yourself to an afternoon snack, but you can’t just reach for your wallet now. This doesn’t mean you have to starve.

Make it a goal to clear out your pantry and use up everything you haven’t used in a while. It’s easy enough to make a pasta dish with just three ingredients. You can season the meat you have in your fridge using any of the spices you already have. Now’s the perfect time to master your omelet-making skills. You can use practically anything to come up with a great omelet or frittata, so cook away. You’ll improve your cooking skills and nothing in your pantry will go to waste. Now that’s just a win-win for the environment and your pocket.

Trim Your Closet

The temptation to shop is always in the back of your mind when you know you have some money to spare. Often, you don’t realize how much you’re spending on items you want but don’t need, and a “no spending” day helps you understand how much you could be saving when you’re not out splurging on the latest trends.

Make it your goal to trim your closet and wear pieces you haven’t worn in a while. This should help you decide whether they still deserve a spot in your wardrobe. If you don’t enjoy wearing them, maybe it’s time for them to go into the donation pile. Getting a good look at what you already own might also reveal duplicates–items you kept buying because you didn’t realize you already had something similar.

The best way to not spend is to give yourself goals that don’t involve limiting your options. Think of it as exploring other ways to use what you already have. It’s just a bonus that you save money and get a good look at your unnecessary spending habits.

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