6 Awesome Food Stations to Have at Your Wedding

Do you want to get in on the food station trend for your upcoming wedding? Having food stations at your wedding reception can give guests a unique and thoroughly enjoyable food experience. In fact, food stations make food a central part of the reception. And if you and your fiancé are foodies, this is a trend that you would most definitely enjoy.

As you plan your wedding in Kent or wherever you want to get married, here are some of the best food station ideas that you can have at your reception:

1. Grazing station

Everybody loves a good charcuterie board, especially if it takes up the whole table! A grazing station with a variety of cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, dips, antipasti and crackers is a must-have for a wedding. Aside from being easy to put together, this type of food station can make your wedding reception feel effortlessly fancy, as well as provide guests with a pleasurable food experience. And the best part? It can help satiate appetites before the main meal.

2. Cake stations

Do you want everybody to enjoy a piece of cake at your wedding? If so, then a cake station is the best option for you. Other than full-sized cakes that are pre-sliced, you can also serve cupcakes, brownies, mini cakes, dessert bars and other scrumptious treats. Everybody with a sweet tooth is going to love your wedding for this.

3. Sushi station

Sushi stations are popular for almost any type of event, especially weddings. These bite-sized pieces of rice, fish and veggies can easily fill up tummies and satisfy your guests’ cravings. More importantly, there are endless sushi types that you can choose from, such as maki, nigiri and uramaki—all of which have a wide array of options, varieties and flavours to choose from.

4. Pizza station

While not quite a traditional wedding food, pizza is gaining popularity as such. If you want an affordable yet delicious food station at your wedding, go for a pizza bar. You can either ask your caterer to create the pizzas for you or look for a local pizza chain that can supply the pies at your wedding. But either way, there are lots of toppings that you can choose from, such as the classics like pepperoni and cheese or more creative pizzas like spinach artichoke or breakfast pizza.

5. Ice cream station

Adults and kids, alike, will love this food station. For the kids, serve the classic kid-approved favourites such as chocolate, cookies and cream, bubblegum and the like. For teens and adults, serve flavours like pistachio, mint chocolate chip and coffee.

6. Barista bar

And, speaking of coffee, why not serve it up, hot and fresh, by setting up a station where you guests can get their caffeine fix? Offer a number of coffee varieties, and consider adding a few teas into the mix for your non-coffee-drinker guests.

Want to make your wedding more enjoyable? Have these fun food stations at your reception instead of a traditional buffet-style or sit-down meal! Or, go all-out and throw in a couple of stations on top of the main meal. Not only will having food stations allow your guests to taste a lot of different food, but they can also encourage family and friends from both sides to socialise.

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