Retirement Havens: Low Taxes and Great Golfing

If you’re an avid golfer, you’ll have plenty of time to hit the green once you retire. However, retirement can be costly and your retirement fund is limited. A few states are very retiree-friendly, with the local government keeping its hands away from your 401k. If you want to keep golfing (and keep your money), here are some of the best places to consider.


Miami is the retiree capital of the USA, with the majority of its residents already retired. The warm weather and low taxes make Florida the leading destination for retirees. Florida won’t tax your 401k, and it won’t cut your earnings with an income tax if you’re still working or thinking about starting a business. It doesn’t have an estate tax or an inheritance tax, so your loved ones won’t have trouble once you leave them.

If you opt for a modest dwelling that doesn’t cost you more than $250,000, you’ll also be exempt from property tax. Seniors in Florida got tax reductions on transportation and healthcare, making your stay a little more comfortable. The state also has one of the best healthcare in the nation pertaining to seniors, with close to a thousand hospitals and clinics — most of them with a senior-centric focus. The Sunshine State has long been acknowledged as the nation’s best golfing destination, and you won’t run out of golf courses as it has more than 1,250.

South Carolina

Although the state taxes your 401k, you probably won’t notice it. South Carolina’s tax code allows seniors to claim a $15,000 deduction on their taxes ($3,000 if you’re retired but younger than 65). Homes are significantly more affordable (with average home values at $150,000 compared to $210,000 for the rest of the US), and seniors can also avail of homestead exemptions, reducing or eliminating property tax.


The state has several facilities for independent or assisted living as well as adequate home care providers. The people are amiable, and Charleston has won accolades as the friendliest place in the US. If you’re a history buff or an outdoorsman, there are plenty of historical sites, trails to visit, and places for fishing and hunting. For avid golfers, there’s no better place than Myrtle Beach, with close to a hundred courses of varying difficulties to choose from.


Your Social Security benefits, 401k, and other pension earnings are safe in Texas. You also won’t have to deal with income tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax. The cost of living falls far below the national average, whether its healthcare costs, housing costs, groceries, or utilities.

Texas is warm, but the humidity is low, making the heat more tolerable and minimizing the spread of flu and other airborne illnesses. The warmth of Texas isn’t limited to the temperature as residents are considered as some of the friendliest in the US. Golfers have more than 900 courses to choose from, and courses can be a bit bigger since you’re in Texas.

Plan for your retirement and consider moving to a city that won’t take a cut of your retirement fund. The right states can let you hit the green without burning your greens, so consider moving if your state isn’t too retiree-friendly.

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