Examining the Connection Between Wrinkles and Your Health

Wrinkles are often synonymous with aging. They are the product of chronic stress, long hours of sun exposure, wrong diets, excessive smoking, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. They usually start to show at 25 years old. But not everything about wrinkles is detestable. They are testament to a long and well-lived life.

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, there have been discoveries of different techniques of removing wrinkles. Many individuals are more than willing to pay the price. In fact, the anti-aging market in the United States had gone up to over 50 billion dollars per year. That’s a huge business to talk about.

A case in point is Botox treatment. The cost may be high, amounting to $10 to $15 per unit. But according to those who have tried it, the price is worth it. You should make sure that you get it from legitimate Botox services.

But did you know that more than your age, wrinkles and their location reveal a lot about your health condition? They are symptoms of underlying physical conditions. Learn about the wrinkles in different locations and what they can mean.

1. Wrinkles in general

They are indicative of one’s overall health issues but specifically with:

  • High blood pressure
  • Low bone density or osteoporosis
  • Heart diseases

2. Wrinkles on the cheeks

Lines found on your cheeks increase your chance of skin cancer. The left side of the face is mostly affected when driving. Use sunblock even when skies are gray and when under the shade. Ultraviolet rays of UV rays can penetrate light surfaces.

3. Diagonal wrinkles on the ear lobes

It is an early warning of heart disease though hardly visible. The reason can be due to collapsed tiny vessels in the ear lobe, causing changes in the blood vessels surrounding the heart.

4. Wrinkles on the eyebrows

This can indicate a liver with a high level of toxicity. A more noticeable line means there is already a liver imbalance going on.

5. Wrinkles on the forehead or between the eyebrows


They are called worry lines, which are apt for what they are. These lines are an indication of your level of stress and worry.  The deeper they are, the bigger the amount of stress that you hold onto your daily life. They are signs that you need to slow down, relax, take a break, or even take up a hobby. As of lately, those furrow lines may show the long hours you spend on your devices.

6. Wrinkles on the mouth and chin

As the mouth is the entry point for the body’s nutrition, the surrounding lines reveal an issue with your gut’s health. The signs indicate:

  • Leaky gut
  • Irritable bowel movement
  • Constipation

The mouth and chin lines also reveal problems with the reproductive system. The lines around the mouth can appear suddenly and deeply on the onset of menopause, signaling the end of reproductive years.

7. Crow’s feet

These are the lines that appear on the side of your eyes. Smiling with your whole face aggravates the lines to come out. It also reveals problems with vision due to frequent squirting to see better. Crow’s feet are linked to organs like the liver, kidney, and stomach. If the lines become prominent over time, an overhaul of your diet is advisable.

8. Circles and lines under your eyes


They are the saggy flesh located below your eyes. Dark circles and bags signify sleep deprivation. But aside from signs of lack of sleep, dark circles and eye bags are indications of weak kidneys, poor blood circulation. Engaging in yoga or light jogging contributes to better blood circulation.

Eyes, being the sister organ of the liver, can reveal an unhealthy liver. Moreover, puffy eyes and bags are signs of nutritional deficiencies, specifically omega 3, essential fatty acid intake, kidney stress, and sometimes high blood pressure.

 9. Cheeks discoloration

This reveals possible lung problems. Immediately consult a doctor if you see discoloration on your cheeks and experience breathing problems.

On the other hand, tenderness of the cheeks connected to digestive problems. Having a healthy diet would do good for your digestive system. Jogging is one form of exercise that improves both digestion and lung problems.

A lot of negative things have been said against wrinkles that appear as you age. For one, it destroys the overall appearance of your face. It also results in employment discrimination if you are up against younger candidates. But before you detest those wrinkles, you should scrutinize them. Their looks and location can tell you something are not right with your health. They can be lifesavers.

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