Working From Home Shouldn’t Mean Sitting All Day!

Now we’re not ones to deny the homebody lifestyle; in fact, it’s become the one saving grace for many of us because it’s given plenty of people the opportunity to put in more effort to self-care, rediscover a long-lost hobby, or become increasingly productive despite the circumstances. And while this reality doesn’t account for every single household around the world, it’s safe to say that we’ve all found at least one good thing from this entire predicament that’s transformed us to be better.

However, one nasty trend that’s been rearing its ugly head these past few months is people sitting all day long and using the excuse of working from home to justify their sudden shift toward a more sedentary lifestyle. As a result, it’s been leading a majority of people down a path of ruin and something they’ll end up regretting, so we plan to show everyone what they’re missing out on and hopefully steer this ship away from the iceberg of health problems.

Sitting All Day Long Is Bad For Your Health, Don’t Risk It.

It’s a no-brainer that sitting all day long is bad for your health; you might’ve already felt the brunt of back pain or being less flexible than your usual self. What’s worse, these are but minor signs and symptoms that could lead to more hard-pressing issues such as long-term bad posture, risk of heart disease, and the threat of diabetes. Hence, it is in your best interests to heed our advice and at the very least incorporate one or two of these things into your daily work ethic.

#1 Be Consistent With Your In-Between Breaks

In contrast to the common belief that would have you working straight long hours of grueling work and resting once the day is over, allocating much-needed siesta time and being consistent with your in-between breaks is far more productive. Not only will it provide you with a sudden boost of energy, but it gives your eyes the chance to rest for a while and some five minutes of stretching to counteract all the tension in your body. Plus, taking a short walk around and maybe up and down a few flights of stairs wouldn’t hurt either, bringing back balance to your body.

#2 Incorporate Daily Routine Exercise

Of course, we truly understand that some people are far busier than usual now that they’re working from home and, despite the many months to adjust, one or two unexpected workloads can do a number on anybody’s routine. However, if there’s one thing you must be strict about, then you should never forget to incorporate daily routine exercise to keep yourself physically fit. Since going to work and moving around the office is no longer an option, you only have your initiative to rely on for fitness. And some 30 minutes of exercise every day can mitigate the negative impacts of sitting for prolonged periods.

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#3 Sneaky Ways To Add More Movement

Apart from taking the initiative and being aware of your actions, you could also try fiddling with sneaky ways of adding more movement to your work. For example, you could leave your phone in a separate room and the printer downstairs, so whenever you have the need for both, you’ll have to get up and keep your butt moving. Sure, it might not be the most sustainable solution, but it’s proven to work countless times, and you’ll be surprised at how easily your body syncs into the groove of moving around inside the house.

Pro Tip: Extra Help Is Always Appreciated

Likewise, while the above-mentioned advice is exceptional in its own right, any extra help and effort you put into combating the effects of sitting for too long are always appreciated. And the two most noteworthy extra steps we recommend are (1) getting a massage and holistic therapy and (2) dipping your toes into the beautiful world of group yoga.

  • Massage And Holistic Therapy: Whether it’s a deep tissue shiatsu massage or even a loving back rub from your romantic partner, massage and holistic therapy are excellent ways of relieving tension built from sitting too long. And for more delicate and serious issues, we also advise getting professional chiropractic care to relieve any unnecessary stress holding your body back.
  • Group Yoga FTW: Yoga has always been a favorite for many people, not just for its spiritual and mental benefits, but for it being one of the more functional and flexible exercise activities available. Plus, doing it together with a group makes it all the more fun and more engaging, not to mention its fat-burning abilities!

Working From Home Isn’t A Valid Excuse For A Sedentary Lifestyle.

Overall, while working from home and managing your responsibility is equally tough, we shouldn’t use them as an excuse to live out a sedentary lifestyle. So, feel free to pick and choose which advice works best in your situation and begin your journey of building back your overall well-being and fitness.

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