What You Can Do with a Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelet kitParacord is known for its strength, durability, light weight, and water- and mildew-resistant features. It is a 7- to 9-strand nylon rope that may consist of two to three threads. It is a highly versatile material used in parachutes, the military, hunting, survival situations, and even in space. One particular use of paracord is paracord bracelets. However, with a bracelet, an array of uses can also be produced, most especially in the great outdoors. Before checking out a paracord bracelet kit in the nearest store or online, check below for some exceptional uses of a paracord bracelet.

Replacement Lace

A paracord bracelet can be a useful replacement when one of your bootlaces is broken or no longer does its job. You can also use it as a belt to keep those pair of pants intact. The fact that paracord is semi-elastic, it can easily be stretched and fitted around with little trouble.

Backup Lock

A paracord bracelet comes with a shackle that can also be used to secure other objects. One use is as a backpack’s zipper lock. You can also use the shackle as a lock for a cooler or any container that has food or any other important things in it.

Bow for Hunting

Another useful feature of paracord’s elasticity is in making a bow and arrow. For outdoor adventurers and hunters, the bow is efficient enough as a secondary tool for hunting game. It is even more critical when one is in the middle of a survival emergency without food.

Trap for Hunting

The elasticity of paracord goes beyond catching game using a bow and arrow. Assuming you have at least three paracord bracelets with you, you can construct a trap to catch bigger game. The cord can be utilized either as a snare or as a trigger.

Making Fire

Fire along the beachYou can use a paracord bracelet to make fire in the middle of a cold night or when preparing your food. Through a bow-and-drill method, you can produce fire by making the drill spin smoothly. It is noteworthy, however, that to make the bow work, use dry wood for the drill and the board.

Tourniquet to Stop Bleeding

The outdoors is not a safe place for many. There will be times when one can get scratches from thorny bushes and even wounds from sharp rocks. If you have a paracord bracelet, you can use it as a tourniquet when bleeding is hard to control.

Temporary Fishing Line

If your fishing line snaps or when one is not available, paracord can be a good option. Although paracord is so thick to become an effective fishing line, you can use one of its strands to catch fish. Just have a stink bait and a sharp hook with you, and you can have a temporary fishing line.

Building Shelter

One great use of a paracord bracelet is building a shelter. If you do not have a tent or you have forgotten packing one, paracord can serve as a cord to hold the corners of a make-shift tarp shelter.

Paracord bracelets are efficient materials with tons of uses. If you are in the woods, in the bush, or in places where resources are scarce, a paracord bracelet comes in handy. Just grab one or two paracord bracelets when speeding off for an adventure, and you will see how useful they can be.

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