Top Three Things You Need in a Montessori Bedroom

Baby sitting on the floor drinking milk

Are you one of those parents who hope to teach their children about Montessori education? The learning process can begin early, such as after birth. What’s more, you can use its principles to design your kid’s bedroom. After all, this is where children spend most of their time during their growing-up years.

When it comes to design, a central theme is necessary for making as many objects as possible within your child’s reach. The level and frequency of interaction can increase their independence, playtime, creativity and analytical skills over time. It also boosts their capability to learn.

With these in mind, be sure to incorporate the following items in your little one’s bedroom.

Baby Photographs

Contrary to what many people believe, babies can already ‘see’. In fact, they can already perceive darkness and light even when they’re still in the womb. But you know the world is different. By the time they are born, their eyes have to retrain themselves.

Vision development among babies can take time. During the first few months, they can only detect black, white and grey. Before they reach five months, they may already see red. They can see more colours by the time they are six months old.

You can stimulate their visuals senses with the help of baby photography in Melbourne. The colours can match the baby’s eye development as well. For example, the first pictures may be black and white. As they grow older, the photos may appear more colourful as well.

You can also hang the photos within their eye level. When they reach toddler age, they may be able to touch and interact with their pictures.

Futon or Floor Mattress

If you want to improve your child’s independence, you can do that by ditching the crib. Instead, choose a floor mattress or a futon. This way, whenever they need to pee or play, they can do so at any time.

According to Montessori education, you should allow your child to decide when they should wake up. Using this type of mattress can help you achieve that. One of the best bed sizes for children is the twin, which measures 38 inches by 75 inches.

Montessori Toys

Blue baby mobile

There’s no standard Montessori toy, but you can still follow the two essential principles. One of these is less is more. Focus on high-quality ones instead.

The other is interaction. Look for those that don’t end up as displays. These can be toys that stimulate their eye-hand coordination, creativity and analysis. Some specialists also recommend open-ended ones, which means your child can do many things with them. These are the ones that work with multiple senses.

Following the Montessori principles inside your little one’s bedroom doesn’t mean neglecting the basic rules of safety. Furniture may have to be low and sturdy to decrease the risk of them toppling over your child. Avoid toys with small parts. You may also have to use railings to limit your kid’s access to certain parts of the bedroom. Nonetheless, Montessori can enhance your child’s learning, creativity and independence as naturally as possible.

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