These Are Sports Injuries You Might Have

Tennis player holding his knee injury

An active lifestyle is important to your well being and overall health. Playing sports from basketball to running or weight lifting are some of the ways to stay healthy and prevent the onset of life-threatening diseases. However, you also at risk of incurring some injuries to your back, shoulder, ankle, or legs. Knowing what these are allow you to take the necessary precautions or get the right treatment.

Sports physicians in Suwanee and other parts of GA cites the following injuries you might incur with an active lifestyle.

Back Pain

This is an injury that has ended the careers of some of the world’s most famous athletes, like Larry Bird and David Robinson. Even if you are not playing at the highest level, this can still happen to you. You might incur this with a bad fall or overcompensating muscles. A weak core puts pressure on your back which may lead to an injury.

Strained Hamstring

Poor or lack of proper stretching before sports may lead to a pulled muscle. Some of the signs of a muscle tear are bruises found behind the knee or thigh. This will prevent you from performing well or even walking properly.

It will hurt whenever you put weight on the injured leg. Stretching, therapy, and rest are some of the ways to alleviate the pain and allow the muscles to heal. This can last as long as a month or longer depending on the extent of the injury.

Pulled Groin

The muscles in the groin pull your legs together and enable you to make side-to-side movements often used in basketball or football. Once you injure the groin, it will be difficult to move laterally or even run properly. It may even be hard to step in or out of a car. This injury happens when you make quick, lateral movements or if your muscles are not flexible enough.

Knee Problems

The knee bears a lot of the pressure and weight not just in sports, but also in everyday life. It is also the joint that is most susceptible to injuries because of its heavy use. If you have an active lifestyle, you might experience Runner’s Knee, tenderness in the front or side of the knee characterizes this chronic injury. Another form of knee injury is tendinitis, which is when the inflamed tendon causes pain and limits the mobility and strength of the knee.

Strained Hip Flexor

The hip flexors are just at the upper front part of your thighs. This muscle allows you to lift your knees and enables your legs to move away from each other. These are routine movements that you use for both sports and everyday life. Sprinting and movements that require quick starts and turns may increase the risk of incurring this injury.

Ankle Sprain

Man holding his leg with ankle sprain

The ankles also bear a lot of weight and pressure whenever you do sports. Sudden turns or a bad landing can lead to a sprain, which will make it difficult to move turn or even walk.

These are some of the sports injuries you might deal with whenever you participate in strenuous activities. Watch out for the signs or any pain you feel to avoid further injury. Consult with a physician to identify the right treatment and return to form as soon as possible.

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