The whats and hows of dental implant surgery

woman geeting a dental surgeryThere are many questions that are involved when a patient commits to having a dental implant in Melbourne, as there are so many options available that can fit into almost anyone’s lifestyle choices.

It doesn’t matter whether a patient is in their 20s or their 70s, there is no upper or lower age limit for people to benefit from this procedure, as long as they are in relative good health, as it helps to not have gum disease, oral health concerns, diabetes or are a smoker.

They have many benefits over other procedures, although every procedure has its place in the dental clinic and some options suit people better than other options depending on their circumstances. However this procedure is a life-long beneficial commitment that can see a confidence return in people who can speak freely without concern of losing their dentures or worry about a lisp, can eat freely without pain or issue and can smile openly without fear of judgement.

Can this be explained what it actually is in layman’s terms?

To put it as simply as possible, what is actually discussed is a replacement tooth root. A metal rod is screwed into position and a crown, bridge or dentures are fitted onto it, either permanently or by choice, can be removable.

Most people opt for a permanent fixture and therefore no longer have to treat the site any differently than what they would treat their other teeth, but for patients who have full dentures, the option is there to make removable for their preference.

Depending on a patient’s personal circumstances, there may be a convenient treatment option presented, which is one single screw supporting a bridge of four teeth.

Single teeth can replace a missing tooth that has needed to be removed due to an accident of from decay caught early on that hasn’t affected surrounding teeth.

All-on-four is a procedure that enables all teeth in the form of a full set of dentures to be securely held in place with only four screws. This allows for optimal support with minimal invasive surgery and reduced healing time, leaving patients to moveup and beyond any oral issues and enjoy their lives with the confidence of knowing that their teeth will stay in place and they can eat and talk without hesitation.

How is this surgery a good option?

woman getting dental treatment

The wonderful thing about this treatment is that there are benefits for life. Patients are able to enjoy a quality of life in regards to how they eat, speak and care for their oral health in a way not dissimilar than before they lost any of their teeth.

This is because this form of treatment results in having replacement teeth that are not only permanent and strong in the mouth, they also look and act like regular teeth.

Patients simply brush and floss them like they would their own natural teeth.

The added benefit of restoring bone health and improving oral health overall makes this choice a great option for many viable patients.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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