The Finer Things in Life: Teaching Someone to Drink Wines Properly

friends drinking wine

It often goes without saying, but wines are considered one of those drinks that embody the finer things in life. This is why people with discerning tastes have wines as their first choice of drink. Every sip tells a lot about the story of the vine. Every swirl helps bring out the aroma, which will help you recall the artisanal approach to crafting the spirit. Wines are not just a drink—they are an experience. It is an experience that you would want to share with others.

This is why you can share the goodness and flavours of wine with others. But encouraging someone to try it can be difficult, especially if the person does not drink. If you have a friend that is willing to experience wine the fine way, here is a guide to help you out. Below are some of the pointers that you may want to remember when teaching someone how to enjoy wine.

Teach them to look at the wine’s properties

Wines are not just beverages that you will drink directly. Drinking it may feel like a ceremony to some, with little nuances and rituals that make the experience truly unique and special. If you are teaching them wine appreciation, you should teach them how to look into the properties of the wine. Foremost, they should look at the color first. The darkness or lightness of the color talks a lot about the age of the wine. They should also swirl the wine glass to let the aroma out. Finally, have them taste the wine and push them to take notice of the layers of tastes.

Teach food pairings

The wine experience can be maximised further when the wine is paired with food. Lighter wines, such as sauvignon blanc, can be paired with feta cheese, turkey, oysters. Citruses, mangoes, and nuts are also a nice idea. The likes of pinot noir are perfect for goat cheese, walnuts, chicken, tuna, salmons, and lamb. Sausages, mushrooms, nutmeg, truffle and white chocolates also create interesting counterpoints in taste.

Invite them to tasting events

man holding bottles of wine

There may be some secrets that you will not be able to teach your protege, but they definitely can learn that by attending tasting events. So if you have a spare slot, why not invite them? There, they will be able to learn more about how to maximise the wine experience using a few well-chosen techniques. Who knows, they may even receive a gift from the organiser wine deliveries in the UK, anyone?)

Teach them responsible drinking

More importantly, you have to teach them how to drink responsibly. The power of wines can be attractive, and they may be easily drawn into its effects. This is why you need to teach them how not to get drunk.  You ought to teach them how to tend to drunk friends and family members. Bar and social etiquette may also be taught.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to teach someone to drink wine properly. Remember, sharing is caring.

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