Styles of Water Fountains for Landscaping

Landscaping was preserved for commercial properties aiming for the best impression on clients. Nowadays, even residential properties have caught up with the craze. Thankfully, including and maintaining landscaping elements on your property is inexpensive and can alternatively be handled as a DIY project, provided you get an expert to guide you. Most people focus on the greenery and flowers for their landscape and forget one element that transforms it: water features.

Water features from trusted garden supply centers can add cohesion, design tranquillity, and sophistication to your landscape in Minnesota or any other location. Moreover, there are now different types of water features to fit diverse landscapes and budgets. A water fountain is the most popular choice for landscaping owing to its simplicity and unrivalled elegance.

There are several materials and design alternatives that help ensure that your water fountain fits your dream landscape. The following are some style alternatives for your property’s water fountain:

Spouting Fountains

These are the most dramatic options for landscaping. They feature pipes that spray water into the air for a plume-like striking effect. Spouting fountains are easy to add to your existing swimming pool or pond since they only require the installation of a submersible pump. You can opt to pair your fountain with a statue. This way, the water will spray from a spot on the statue in a specific pattern, such as a bubble or ring. A few spouting water fountains come with self-contained units. With them, you only plug a pump into a focal point on your property and have an instant fountain.

Cascading Fountains

These are more subtle compared to the spouting ones. Rather than a pipe for spraying water, cascading fountains feature multiple water levels where water flows gently from one level to the next. There are several styles for this fountain, though the traditional tiered fountain is the popular choice. Cascading water fountains are often self-contained, meaning all their plumbing is housed in the same unit. They are, therefore, easy to add to your landscape.

Pondless Fountains

Unlike the cascading and spouting water fountains that draw water from a visible reservoir like a lower basin or pond, pondless fountains have their reservoir hidden underground. Owing to their design, they need less maintenance compared to other water fountains and can be installed on even the smallest properties. The base of a pondless fountain is made of an urn, column, or boulder that is placed on gravel or river rocks. The fountain’s design offers a contemporary and subtle look to your landscape.

Wall Fountain

Water fountain in the garden

This features a freestanding style with an attached basin or flat back that sits flush with your fence or the wall in your landscape. Before its installation, you should use a fountain mask on the wall to avert water damage on it. The installation of a wall fountain is, unfortunately, costly since it requires several masonry and plumbing works.

Choosing a water fountain style from the above for your landscape can be tricky. Your existing landscaping elements and the size of your property are the primary aspects that should guide your choice. This way, your fountain will blend with the rest of your landscaping features.

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