Stop Putting Up with Bad Teeth Now

Outward appearance may not be everything, but it is extremely important in different aspects of life. It also has the ability to influence the way you feel inside, which then affects your own self-perception and confidence. If you have yellow or crooked teeth, for instance, you may be embarrassed to show off you smile or be constantly worried of how others might think of you.

People tend to make assumptions based on your appearance, and this is why having bad teeth can send non-verbal cues and negatively affect some aspects of your life. These can include your love life, career, and even social status. It can also be difficult to leave a positive mark or good first impressions in new settings when you have bad teeth.

Bad smile and negative perceptions

The stigmas attached with missing, crooked, or stained teeth can make you reluctant to smile or even avoid smiling altogether. This is due to the fact that people associate bad teeth with poor oral hygiene, bad diet and lifestyle, unattractiveness, and lower socioeconomic background. Hiding your smile or not smiling back, furthermore, may cause others to think that you’re rude or unfriendly.

Townsville cosmetic dentistry centres share the ways bad teeth can affect your life:

  • Internet or blind dating – First impressions matter if you want to impress your date or score a second date. Studies also suggest that a noticeably yellow or crooked smile is one of the top deal breakers for both men and women.
  • New career opportunities – Presenting your best smile and best self is important when attending interviews. Having yellow or crooked teeth can make the employer or interviewer thinks that you don’t care about your health, hygiene, or appearance.
  • Social status – Those with stained and crooked teeth are perceived as less successful and less employable than those with a nice set of teeth. Having nice teeth, meanwhile, means that you are likely to progress further in life than those with bad teeth.
  • Social perception – Some of your friends and colleagues may like you, but there are also those who are quick to make judgments based on your teeth or appearance. Some may see you as unhealthy or less intelligent or educated when you have bad teeth.

Invest in your smile and look younger

Set of yellow teeth

These negative perceptions only make it important to invest in your teeth. This means considering cosmetic dentistry treatments that can address whatever issue you have with your smile. These include discoloured teeth, gaps, misalignments, crookedness, and others. Doing so can make your look and feel good about yourself, which then increases your confidence.

A healthy and a beautiful set of teeth can also take some years off your age. In fact, research suggests that having whiter teeth can make you look more attractive and five years younger. The same also goes straightening crooked teeth with braces or completing missing teeth with dental implants. Changing the shape and appearance of your teeth through veneers can also make you look younger.

While appearance is not everything, it is still important to make a great first impression to gain edge in different aspects your life. Get in touch with a cosmetic dentist today and learn more about your options for transforming your smile.

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