Save Money on Your Wedding with These Tips

Are you looking for ways on how you can save bucks on your big day? Tying the knot doesn’t mean you also have to break the bank. It’s always a smart move to have cash in handy when you’re starting married life. That said, here are some tips to minimize your wedding expenses without sacrificing style.

Bridal Attire

1. Order your gown nine months before the wedding. This allows you to avoid rush fees and last-minute alterations.

2. Ask for a floor sample gown. Sample gowns have a retail markdown of 20% to 90%, usually occurring in late spring and early fall.

3. Check bridal salons on social media regularly for trunk shows, promotions, and discounts. You might catch freebies, packages, or great deals to save on cash.

4. Rent your jewelry instead of buying them.

Flowers and Décor

5. Choose foilage over expensive flowers. It’s beautiful and a popular décor choice right now.

6. Opt for nonfloral décor. You can have seashells, books, and extra candles slaying for aesthetics.

7. Go for alternatives if you’re pushing for flowers. Choose budget-friendly blooms like tulips or roses.

8. Order two to three types of flowers in bulk. Stick with similar shape or color for a more cohesive look.


9. Schedule your wedding day during off-peak seasons. You can rent private wedding venues in Wichita at a significantly lower price typically in late winter and early spring.

10. Avoid Saturdays since it’s the most popular day of the week for weddings. Seven in 10 weddings happen on Saturdays, according to The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study. The more popular the day is, the more expensive the venue is, so opt for Fridays or Sundays.

11. Host your ceremony and reception in one venue to cut travel time of vendors paid at an hourly rate.

Food and Drinks

12. Go for buffets. This cuts staffing costs, and you often get more food for the price you pay.

13. Avoid hard-to-prepare dishes that require more people to prepare.

14. Serve signature drink during cocktail hour only. Serve beer and wine only at dinner. Better yet, limit alcohol offerings to affordable drinks like gin.

15. Order late snack for only 70% of the headcount. Not everyone will stay for the late-night party.


16. Order a smaller cake, usually one- or two-tiers, for the cake-cutting moment. Then, serve a larger sheet cake for your guests.

17. Embellish only the edges. The more you embellish the cake, the more expensive it gets. Ask your baker just to embellish the edges to reduce cost.

18. Stick to classic but no less delicious feelings.

Stationery and Favors

19. Send smaller, flat, single-page invites to save on postage.

20. Go for one ceremony program per couple and ditch one per guest.

21. Opt for one menu card per table and skip individual menu cards.

22. Combine late-night food and favors and pass out, say, cookies, to guests as they leave the reception.

23. Give one favor per couple instead of one per guest.

Photo, Video, and Music

Wedding Photographer taking photos of the couple

24. Hire an associate or graduate-student photographer, videographer, or musician. You can get the same quality of service at a lower price.

25. Use polaroid cameras instead of a photo booth.

Your wedding expenses don’t always have to break your bank account. Even on a budget, there are several ways to have a perfect wedding.

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