Results that Leave a Smile From Ear to Ear

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Oral health is more important than just having a beautiful and confident smile. It affects the entire body, so regular visits to a friendly and welcoming dental clinic in W1 is one key element to ensuring that the whole body is as fit and healthy as it can be.

There is so much that goes on in a practise, and people of all ages are encouraged to make an effort to see their dentist at least once a year and ideally every 6 months to maintain good oral health.

A dentist will provide each patient with specific and unique care that is tailor-made to suit their individual needs. A thorough check up is always administered before a discussion on what the patient’s mouth goals are and what the dentist can do to help these to be realised.

What are some of the practises that go on at a dentist?

Everybody can enjoy a treatment that has them walking out of the dentist feeling great about themselves. Whether it be a long-term fix of straightening their teeth to achieve a correct bite and improve speech, veneers laid over their teeth to instantly reveal a picture perfect mouth or teeth whitening to bring life back into a tired looking mouth.

Other more specific care can happen at a dentist as well, such as white spot removal, laser treatment to heal gums or remove a gummy smile or the application of dentures for when teeth are missing or need to be removed.

It is encouraged that each patient talk to their dentist about any concerns they may have, regarding bad breath or a build up of plague so as to visit a hygienist who will remove this.

Do dentists perform any non-dental procedures as well?

dentist showing xray results

Yes! Dentists are concerned with the more than just teeth and some highly sought after dentists are also involved in other procedures as well.

When a smile is corrected, say with orthodontics, this can actually change the structure and shape of the face, adding years of youth onto a face. A natural lead on from this has brought about some dentists routinely working with chemical peels, biostimulation and fillers.

With the years of training they have regarding anatomy and health, a dentist can be a preferable choice for such procedures.

But I’m scared of the dentist!

Don’t worry, a lot of people are. In fact, over half of the population admit to having some level of fear of the dentist and 10% even have dental phobia, forcing them to potentially live for years with problem teeth simply because they cannot face the dentist.

Modern day dentists are fully aware of the stigma surrounding their work and have made visits to the dentist easier than ever with plenty of information and helpful advice to show that they simply care for your wellbeing and health.

By talking to a friendly and caring dentist, patients can soon realise that they are doing the best they can for their oral health and general wellbeing.

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